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1、课 题My Favorite Subject上课时间2013/11/12上课教师嵩山中学刘钢教 学目 标知识与技能1/Aims on the knowledge(1)To enable the students to understand and speak the ways of talking about the favorite subject/ Make sure that students can use these sentences in real situations/(2)To help students to grasp the important structure/2/

2、Aims on the abilities(1)To develop students abilities of listening and speaking/(2)To train the students ability of working in groups/(3)To improve students abilities of communication/ 过程与方法Ill mainly use “Task-based” teaching method to practice listening and speaking/情感态度价值观(1)To foster students co

3、nsciousness of good co-operation and proper competition/ (2)To enable students to learn all the subjects well/ 教学重点Grasp news words /phrases and sentences/ Practice listening and speaking /教学难点Express the ideas freely about the topic in real situations/ 教学媒体Computer课型Listening and speaking探究方式cooper

4、ation 教 学 设 计教学环节师 生 活 动设计意图step 1Step 2Step 3Step 41/PreparationA guessing game/ To warm up/ 2/ Presentation 1) According to the game/ lead in a dialogue/ Do pair works/2) Brainstorming/ A teacher gives an example to teach students to talk about favorite subjects and why/3/listening1/By introducing

5、 a new fiend Tino to lead in listening /2/ Prediction/ Whats Tinos favorite subject?3/ The teacher gives tips for listening to the students/4/Check the prediction/5/Listen to the dialog and stick the sentences on the paper according to the right order/6/Check the answers and read the dialogue/4/Spea

6、king1/Make a survey and finish the timetable according to the survey/2/Show time/ ask students to introduce the survey and tell the reason why they make their table/3/Write out their wishes for tomorrow classes and then put them on the blackboard/At last / A sentence to you!Every subject is very imp

7、ortant/ you must learn it well/Warm up! To review names of the classes!To learn about the important sentences/To prepare for the listening/To practice listening abilities and prepare for the speaking/According to these activities/ to make Ss grasp the important knowledge in this lesson and can speak freely in a real situation/ 板 书 My Favorite SubjectsubjectP/E/mathsEnglishChin

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