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悦二 初三复习学案
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Unit 5 I like music that I can dance to/复习导学案学习目标1 知识目标:掌握本单元的重点单词与短语。2 能力目标:A 学会表达自己对某人或某物的喜爱和理由。 B 能对自己看过书和电影,听过的CD进行评述。3 情感目标:学会欣赏。学习过程:自主学习:Section AA 总结归纳。music _/ musicians_/1 The writer prefers groups _/ singers_/ B 运用实践(Talk about ourselves !) music _/ books _/2 I prefer clothes _/ friends _/ food _/Section B自读unit6小组合作找出你认为有用的单词与短语。你知道吗?(come on)有很棒的歌词 可以一起跟着唱 可以一起跳舞 弹奏不同的乐器能清楚的唱歌词 演奏轻柔的曲子音乐家 歌手 写自己的歌词 使某人想起写自己的曲子 不能忍受 对。很重要洪涛最近的电影 多年来 务必干 展览,展出 来来往往 寻找 老实说 幸运的是适合某人期望干 远离 意见一致的危险性 期待做某事快乐驿站(语法专练)1/ The man _ is talking with my mother is my father/2/ That book is the one _ I bought yesterday/3/ He is one of the workers _ been saved in that accident/4/ They talked about the things and persons _ they remembered in the factory/5/ All _ can be done must be done/6 I prefer shoes are cool/7 I love singers are beautiful试做练习:1)Iprefer_bybus/(go)2)我宁愿呆在家里也不出去。3)Ipreferhim_atonce/(go)4)我愿意喝茶而不喝咖啡。I_ tea_coffee/5)Iprefer_(swim)to_(play)football/6)Iprefer_athome_out/(另一种表达法你会吗?体验快乐(当堂检测):(一)根据首字母填空1 W _you do/ dont miss the display2 He p_ _pop music to classical3 As the name s_ the band has lots of energy 4 Im lucky to be here for my six-month English c_5 My parents e _me to get good grades(二)选择题1/IpreferwatchingTVto_musiceveryday/ A/listentoB/listenC/listeningtoD/listening 2/IlikethemusicthatIcansing_/ A/alongandB/alongwithC/withD/along 3/IlikethiskindofmusicthatIcandance_/ A/toB/inC/withD/along 4/Beijingisoneofthe_intheworldtoday/ A/busiestcityB/busiestcitiesC/busycityD/busycities 5/ We will have a _ holiday after the exam/A/ two month B/ two - monthC/ two-months D/ two months6 Lookatthatgirl_nameisLucy/ A/whoB/whoseC/whichD/whom (三)根据汉语提示,完成句子。1 lts the kind of music_(你能够随着跳舞的)(dance)2 She likes musicians_(写自己的歌词)(lyric03 She doesnt like songs_(太长的)(long)4
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