ABB单通道单向驱动功能块Individual Drive Function for Unidirectional Units, IDF_1
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Individual Drive Function for Unidirectional Units/ IDF_1 Function The single-channel individual drive function relays a control command to technical control equipment (e/g/ electric motor with single direction of rotation/ solenoid valve) in the process/ This command can come from a higher-ranking control (automatic operating mode) or take place manually (manual operating mode)/ The operating mode inputs MM and MA have priority over operating mode selection/ i/e/ the selection of the operating modes manual/automatic is enabled only if both inputs are on logic-0 signal/ If both inputs are on logic-1 signal/ the manual operating mode has priority over automatic/ The output of the control command OUT can be made dependent on safety/ inhibit/ local intervention and error signals/ After the control command has changed/ the time is monitored as run time until feedback occurs (end position reached)/ The feedback can be external (feedback variable available) or internal/ If the run time is exceeded an error message appears/ Arrival at end positions 0 or 1 is signaled to inputs FB0 or FB1/ Leaving the end position without control command is signaled as an error/ The respective state of the control output OUT is not changed/ End position monitoring takes places irrespective of whether or not run-time monitoring is activated/ If a local signal LOC is present/ this ignores any end-position errors that there may be and resets them/ Run time and end position monitoring only takes place if feedback inputs are connected/ Inhibition inputs Changes in the output of the control command OUT for commands 0 and 1 can be prevented separately using inputs IL0 and IL1/ Inhibition applies in manual and automatic operating modes/ Safety intervention The inputs PR0 and PR1 act directly on the control command/ If signals are applied simultaneously PR0 has priority/ i/e/ the control command is canceled/ Local intervention If the signal LOC is applied/ the control element receives its signals from a local transmitter/ In this case the function module retains its operating mode and tracks its output OUT to the end positions (input FB0 and FB1)/ Fault The FLT signal cancels the control command and switches to operating mode manual/ The subsequent response after a fault signal has been transmitted depends on the parameters relating to Reaction after trouble/ A transmitted fault is cleared by operating mode Automatic or a control command in Manual/ The priorities of the interventions are/ 1/ Processing 2/ Local intervention 3/ Safety intervention 4/ Fault 5/ Inhibition Operating modes/ Manual Automatic The following table describes the operation of the control/ safety and local inputs/ Control inputINSafety intervention OffPR0Safety intervention OnPR1Local interventionLOCControl commandOUT00000100010100011000001011010101100111000001x/x1111xx are corrected to the end positions Display Name/ short text/ Two state fields with the configured command texts which indicate the switch state of the individual drive modules (Pins FB0/ FB1)/ The text of the switch state at that moment in time is displayed on a yellow background/ and the text of the non-active state on a dark-gray background/ When the control command is disabled (pin IL0/ IL1 or configuration)/ text is displayed in gray and the non-active switch state on a gray background An arrow shows the current direction of motion of the control element/ The direction-of-motion arrow flashes when the control element is running/ In the event of an end-position error or a run-time error/ the end position to be attained is indicated by a static direction-of-motion arrow in the faceplate/ The monitoring time configured is indicated by RT/ Operating mode manual or automatic is indicated by buttons M and A/ A past safety intervention is indicated by black text on white background/ This display will be reset in automatic or after an operation intervention/ The following messages are displayed depending on the signals (it is possible to change the texts within the parameter mask)/ During a fault signal When run time is exceeded On leaving the end position without control command During safety intervention signals During loc
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