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1、冠词/冠词/不定冠词/定冠词/a an/the/定冠词/定冠词the: “那(这)个” “那(这)些/1/特指双方都知道的人或物/Take the medicine/Open the door/2第二次提到的人或事/Ive been to the house/He bought a house/3世上独一无二的事物/the sun/the world/the moon/4/由普通名词构成的专有名词 the Great Wall 长城 the Forbidden City紫禁城 the White House 白宫 the要小写/5沙漠,河流与群山, 列岛,海峡与海湾/the Alps 阿尔卑斯

2、山/the Yellow River黄河/the Pacific太平洋/6/形容词或分词 连用表示一类人/the rich 富人 the poor 穷人 the young 年轻人/7用在姓氏复数前表一家人/the Wangs/the Whites/8用在序数词前面/Where do you live/I live on the second floor/9用在形容词最高级前面/John is _(tall/boy in his class/the tallest/Jolin is _/popular)singer of all/the most popular/10/用在乐器前面/play

3、the piano/play the guitar/play the drum/play the violin/短语小专家/in the daytime/在白天/in the end/最后,终于/by the way/顺便说一下/in the middle of/在中间/at/in the beginning/开始/at/in the front of/在某物的前部/on the left/在左边/on the right/在右边/the same as/同一样/the day before yesterday/前天/the day after tomorrow/后天/in the morni

4、ng/在上午/in the afternoon/在下午/in the evening/在晚上/Whats the matter with? =Whats wrong with/怎么了/Have a rest/不定冠词/a/an/1/用来表示“一”, 和“one”差不多/What can I do for you/I want an orange skirt/2/第一次提到***/物/One day/ an old woman/went into a shop/一天, 一位老妇走进一家商店/3表示“每一”相当于every/How much is the meat/Its eight yuan a

5、kilo/4泛指***或某物/A boy is looking at you/一个男孩在看你/Give me a book/ OK/给我一本书好么/短语小专家/a little/少量,一点/a few/有些,几个/a bit/有点儿/in a hurry/匆忙的/catch a cold/感冒/after a while/过了一会,不久/have a look (at/看一看/have a bath/洗澡,淋浴/have a shower/洗澡,淋浴/have a fever/发烧/have a good time/过的愉快/have a word with sb/和***谈话/give a le

6、sson/授课/have a drink/喝点什么/have a swim/游泳/have a talk/谈话/have/take a walk/散步/have a rest/休息一下/have a nice trip/旅途愉快/in a/one word/总之(一句话/many a time/许多次/不用冠词/1在专有名词前不加冠词, 如国名、省名、城市名、 街名、公园名等/Sanya is in Hainan Province/三亚在海南省/We live in China/我们住在中国/2一日三餐、 球类运动 和学科前不加冠词/He went to school without/早上他没

7、吃早饭就去上学了/breakfast this morning/They like playing football/他们喜欢放学后踢足球/after school/I like English very much/我非常喜欢英语/3表示节日、季节、 星期、月份的名词前 不加冠词,特指某年的 某月、某季节, 则需要在月份、季节前 加the/Today is Friday /July 14th/今天是星期五/7月14日/It is summer now/现在是夏天/Yesterday was March 8th/昨天是3月8日妇女节/Womens Day/4不可数名词前 一般不用冠词/Which does he like better/他更喜欢哪一个,鱼还是

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