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1、/Reading/English and its history/Unit/2/Unit 2/课件描述:/本课件为Reading的辅助教学软件,课件内容为Reading的第一课时,旨在通过对学生阅读的引导,实现学生对课文文本的深入理解。/Skimming and listening/Skim over the text in 2 minutes and answer the 3 questions on page 22//Listen to the text and answer the detailed questions on page 24//Comprehension/How many

2、 parts can we divide the text into?/Introduction/Old English/Middle English/Modern English/Introduction/Why does English have so many difficult rules?/languages/Old English/before mid-5th/then/end 9th/2G tribes (A/ S)/Celtic/Vikings/Denmark/Norway/10th/languages/official language/Old English/Why puz

3、zled?/Middle English/What are the factors that contributed to the development of middle English?/French/similar words/words for animals & food/What are the words for their meat?/pork/ bacon/beef/mutton/Middle English/What are the factors that contributed to the development of middle English?/Henry I

4、V/French/similar words/words for animals & food/official occasions/plurals/Modern English/When did Modern English appear?/What new factors are included in Modern English?/During the Renaissance in the 16th century//Latin and Greek words/ pronunciations and new words and new ways being invented//Rete

5、lling/before the middle of the 5th Century/Celtic/2 tribes occupied/at the end of the 9th Century the Vikings invaded/old English/by the 10th century/official language/French/12-15th Century/official occasions/during the Renaissance in the 16th Century/modern English/Homework/Write a short summary o

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