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1、随州市大堰坡中学2017 2018 学年度六年级上册英语期中考试时间: 60 分钟满分: 100 分题 号一二三四五六七***十得分得 分听力部分一、听录音 / 选出所听到的单词。 (10 分)。()1/ A/restaurantB/ bookstoreC/school()2/A/by subwayB/ by planeC/ on foot()3/A/ see a filmB/ take a tripC/ draw a pictures()4/A/behindB/ next toC/in front of()5/A/slow downB/stopC/wait二、听录音 / 给图片用 15 标号。

2、 (10 分)()()()()()三、听录音 /选择正确的答语。 (10 分)() 1/A/Near the post officeB/Its a shopC/Thanks/()2/A/I like it/B/Go straight/C/1 want to buy a postcard/()3/A/Its sunny/B/Youre earlyC/l often come on foot/()4/ A/Sounds great/B/ You too/C/Im going to the cinema/()5/A/At2p/m/B/Im going to the museum/C/ Buy a b

3、ook/笔试部分四、选出下列每组中不同类的一项。(10 分)()1/A/visitB/hospitalC/science museum()2/A/tomorrowB/tonightC/trip()3/A/subwayB/stopC/ship()4/A/turn rightB/ by bikeC/ on foot()5/A/dictionaryB/ postcardC/straight五、单项选择。 (10 分)()1/We must slow down and stop_at a yellow light/A/ inB/onC/ at()2/ How can he _there?A/ getB

4、/ getsC/ gets to()3/ _ the NO/1 bus over there/A/ ByB/ TakeC/ Go()4/ Why not_ on Saturday?A/goB/ to goC/ going()5/Im going to_ basketball tomorrow/A/ playingB/ playC/ plays七、请在栏中找出I 栏句子的答语()1/ How do you come to school?()2/Where is he going this evening?()3/ Where is the cinema?()4/ What are you goi

5、ng to do?() 5/ How can we get there?/将序号填在括号中。 (10 分)IA/I m going to play football/B/ Turn left at the library/C/ Hes going to the cinema/D/ Usually I come on foot/E/ Its near the hospital/八、读句子 /将对话补充完整。 (10 分)A/ Excuse me/ Im new here/ I want to go to the post office/1/_B/ Its near the bookstore/A

6、/ 2/_B/ Yes/ it is/A/ 3/_B/ You can take the No/ 302 bus/ Get off at the hospital/ and then turn left/ You I can see it/ 4/_A/ Im going to buy a postcard/and send it to my cousin/ 5/_B/ Youre welcome/A/ Where is it?B/How can I get there?B/ Thank you !D/What are you going to do there?E/ Is it far fro

7、m here?六、根据汉语提示完成句子。(10 分)1/ Amy is going to take a trip _ (在今晚 )/2/ _ _(直走 )/ then turn left at the first_(十字路口 )/3/How can I _(到达 ) the pet hospital?4/They are going to _ a _ (看电影 ) tonight/5/There is a bookstore in front of the_ 超(市 )/ I want tobuy two_(词典 )/九、连词成句。 (10 分)1/ at/ right/ turn/ hosp

8、ital/ the (/ )_2/ going/to/some/ Im/ word/ books/ buy (/ )_3/ you/ school/ do/ how/ come/ to(?)_3/ stop/ down/ slow/ at/ yellow/ light/ a/ and (/ )_5/ going/ visit/ you/ your/ grandparents/ are to(?)_十阅读理解。根据短文内容选择正确的答案/将序号填入括号里(10 分 )Zhang Peng is going to visit his grandparents/ Their home isnext

9、to the Science Bookstore/ He can get there by subway/ Turn left at the subway station/ then go straight/ Tom is going to the Science Bookstore this afternoon with Zhang Peng/ He wants to buy a new book/ They are going after lunch/()1/_ is going to visit his grandparents/A/ Zhang PengB/ TomC/ Mike()2/ Zhang Peng can get to his grandparents home_/A/ on footB/ by bikeC/ by subway()3/ His grandparents home is next to the_/A/ cinemaB/ Scienc

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