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1、外国考官面试时第一印象很重要的问题大家都知道第一印象很重要,外国考官面试时第一印象很重要。美国人虽然很讲效益,但和人第一次见面时,往往会先问一些无关紧要的问题。这叫做Breaking the ice( establisha rapport)。The interviewer might ask you something like/工作面试时也一样。一见面:How are you today?Did you have any trouble finding this place?How did you get here?/你不要为 interviewer那么友好的问话和语调感到吃惊。 The i

2、nterviewer wants to put you at ease (help you relax)/ So you just answer the question without going into too much detail/The most important part最重要的 /面试时,最重要的部分是谈你的experience andqualifications/所以当 interviewer和你寒暄时,你可不要扯远了。Qualifications : include your education from High School on and any special tr

3、aining you may have done in the puter training/Experience is any work that you have done that is directly or indirectly related to the job you are applying for/Talk about your education谈你接受的教育 /因为你要谈的教育发生在过去,所以记住了要 use past tenses/ For example/I attended the University of New York from 1992to 1996/I

4、 graduated with a degree in social science/如果你目前还是个学生,那么应该使用present tenses/For example/I am currently studying at the University of New York and will graduate with a degree in computer science in this fall/or I am studying English at City College of NewYork/当谈你受的教育时,可别忘了提起你参加过的培训,得到过的证书和选过的一些和这份工作有关的课程,求职英语外国考官面试时第一印象很重要。譬如correspondence courses/ CCNP Certifi

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