The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo学习记录
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CHAPTER 1 Friday/ December 20 The trial was irretrievably over/ everything that could be said had been said/ but he had never doubted that he would lose/ The written verdict was handed down at 10/00 on Friday morning/ and all that remained was a summing up from the reporters waiting in the corridor outside the district court/ “Carl” Mikael Blomkvist saw them through the doorway and slowed his step/ He had no wish to discuss the verdict/ but questions were unavoidable/ and heof all peopleknew that they had to be asked and answered/ This is how it is to be a criminal/ he thought/ On the other side of the microphone/ He straightened up and tried to smile/ The reporters gave him friendly/ almost embarrassed greetings/ “Lets seeAftonbladet/ Expressen/ TT wire service/ TV4/ andwhere are you from?ah yes/ Dagens Nyheter/ I must be a celebrity/” Blomkvist said/ “Give us a sound bite/ Kalle Blomkvist/” It was a reporter from one of the evening papers/ Blomkvist/ hearing the nickname/ forced himself as always not to roll his eyes/ Once/ when he was twenty-three and had just started his first summer job as a journalist/ Blomkvist had chanced upon a gang which had pulled off five bank robberies over the past two years/ There was no doubt that it was the same gang in every instance/ Their trademark was to hold up two banks at a time with military precision/ They wore masks from Disney World/ so inevitably police logic dubbed them the Donald Duck Gang/ The newspapers renamed them the Bear Gang/ which sounded more sinister/ more appropriate to the fact that on two occasions they had recklessly fired warning shots and threatened curious passersby/Their sixth outing was at a bank in stergtland at the height of the holiday season/ A reporter from the local radio station happened to be in the bank at the time/ As soon as the robbers were gone he went to a public telephone and dictated his story for live broadcast/Blomkvist was spending several days with a girlfriend at her parents summer cabin near Katrineholm/ Exactly why he made the connection he could not explain/ even to the police/ but as he was listening to the news report he remembered a group of four men in a summer cabin a few hundred feet down the road/ He had seen them playing badminton out in the yard/ four blond/ athletic types in shorts with their shirts off/ They were obviously bodybuilders/ and there had been something about them that had made him look twicemaybe it was because the game was being played in blazing sunshine with what he recognised as intensely focused energy/There had been no good reason to suspect them of being the bank robbers/ but nevertheless he had gone to a hill overlooking their cabin/ It seemed empty/ It was about forty minutes before a Volvo drove up and parked in the yard/ The young men got out/ in a hurry/ and were each carrying a sports bag/ so they might have been doing nothing more than coming back from a swim/ But one of them returned to the car and took out from the boot something which he hurriedly covered with his jacket/ Even from Blomkvists relatively distant observation post he could tell that it was a good old AK4/ the rifle that had been his constant companion for the year of his military service/He called the police and that was the start of a three-day siege of the cabin/ blanket coverage by the media/ with Blomkvist in a front-row seat and collecting a gratifyingly large fee from an evening paper/ The police set up their headquarters in a caravan in the garden of the cabin where Blomkvist was staying/The fall of the Bear Gang gave him the star billing that launched him as a young journalist/ The downside of his celebrity was that the other evening newspaper could not resist using the headline “Kalle Blomkvist solves the case/” The tongue-in-cheek story was written by an older female columnist and contained references to the young detective in Astrid Lindgrens books for children/ To make matters worse/ the paper had run the story with a grainy photograph of Blomkvist with his mouth half open even as he raised an index finger to point/It made no difference that Blomkvist had never in life used the name Carl/ From that moment on/ to his dismay/ he was nicknamed Kalle Blomkvist by his peersan epithet employed with taunting provocation/ not unfriendly but not really friendly either/ In spite of his respect for Astrid Lindgrenwhose books he lovedhe detested the nickname/ It took him several years and far weightier journalistic successes before the nickname began to fade/ but he still cringed if ever the name was used in his hearing/trial 试验,试用。法审问,审判 体预赛,选拔赛irretrievably adv 无可挽回/irretrievable adj rtrivb()lwritten verdict 判决书 verdict US/ vrdkt 裁决;判断hand down 宣布传下来summing up 口 概括;总结corridor krdr 走廊All that remained was/ 剩下的事情就是district court 美地方***doorway 门口,出入口。【比喻】入门criminal n 罪犯,犯人 adj 犯罪的,刑事的He straightened up 他直起身子embarrassed mberst尴尬的、窘迫的unavoidable nvdb()l 不可避免的。不可废除的He of all people/ 尤其是他/I must be a celebrity我一定很出名了。Celerity selebriti n/ 名人。名声/扬名In film and broadcasting/ a sound bite is a very short piece of a speech taken from a longer speech or an interview in which someone with authority or the average man on the street says something which is considered by those who edit the speech or interview to be the most important point/journalist drn()lst新闻工作者/记者/编辑chance upon 偶然,碰巧gang 一群,一伙(盗贼)pull off 做成某事robbery rbri 抢夺;***military precision ***精度;军人般的精度性inevitably nevtbli adv 不可避免地,自然地dub db vt 命名,起名,起外号sinister snstr adj ***的,***险的appropriate proprit adj 恰当的 v 拨款 法挪用,剽窃occasion ke()n n/ 场合,时刻/ 原因 v 惹起,引起recklessly adv 不顾一切的,大胆的;鲁莽的threaten ret()n v 恐吓、威胁curious kjris adj 好奇的,爱看热闹的passersby 路过的人dictate dktet v 口述;听写live broadcast 现场直播 live 是 adj时发laiv,是v时发livcabin US/ kbn n (树林里的)小木屋;船舱;飞机客舱badminton US/ bdmntn 羽毛球。Play badminton/ badminton teamblond US/ blnd UK/ blnd adj/ 头发金色的/ 白肤金发碧眼的/家具浅色的athletic US/ letk adj 运动的/有活力的/ 运动型的bodybuilder 健美运动员;身体强壮的人blaze US/ blez v 发出强光/ to burn strongly and brightly/ if the sun blazes/ it is very bright and hotrecognise英 recognize美 v 认出;承认 recognize as 认出是intense US/ ntens adj激烈的/强烈的/紧张的/ very great or extremeenergy US/ enrdi UK/ en(r)di n 1【物】能/能量 2(个人的)精力/能力suspect US/ sspekt v 怀疑;猜疑/(有点)感觉到drive up 1/ if a vehicle or driver drives up/ the vehicle moves near to a person or place and stops 2/ 加速,提速boot n 英(马车/汽车后部的)行李箱observation US/ bzrve()n UK/ bz(r)ve()n v 观察observation post 军瞭望哨。a high position from which a soldier watches for enemy activityrifle US/ raf()l 步***/来福***constant US/ knstnt UK/ knstntadj恒定的/稳定的 n 常量;常数companion US/ kmpnjn 伙伴,伴侣military US/ mlteri UK/ mlt()ri ***的siege US/ sid UK/ sid n 包围/*** vcoverage by the media 媒体地毯式的报道gratifying US/ rtfa adj 可喜的/令人满足的 gratify的现在分词(gratifies gratifying gratified )caravan US/ kervn UK/ krvn 英活动住宅headquarters US/ hedkwrtrz UK/ hedkw(r)t(r)z 指挥部/司令部/总部star billing the fact of being advertised as the leading performer in somethingresist US/ rzstv抵抗/忍住/反对 could not resist 无法抵抗;禁不住tongue-in-cheek 半开玩笑的/
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