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4AM1U3 EX1 班级_ 姓名_ 学号_/ 根据要求改写单词。1/ peach(复数)_ 2/ sad (反义词)_ 3/ her (主格)_4/ young(反义词)_ 5/ right(同音词)_ 6/ I (宾格)_7/ hungry(反义词)_ 8/ cannot(缩写)_ 9/ bike(同义词)_/ 用所给词的适当形式填空。1/ Lets _(listen) to Alice/2/ Have some _(biscuit)/3/ Dont _(touch) the hot cup/4/ How _(do) the lime taste? Its sweet/ 5/ What _(have) his classmate got? / 选择合适的单词填空,不可重复。happy sad full hungry thirsty1/ I feel very hot/ Please give me some water/ Im _/ 2/ I cant ride the bicycle/ Im _/ 3/ I have got a present/ Im _/ 4/ Mum/ Im _/ I want to eat bread/ 5/ I cant eat this cake/ I eat too much/ I feel very _/ / 句子配对。( ) Can you swim/ Kitty? A/ Yes/ please/ ( ) Are you hungry? B/ Shes sad/ ( ) A Coke/ Kitty? C/ Kitty/ ( ) What does Kitty feel? D/ Yes/ I can/ ( ) Whos the girl in red? E/ Yes/ I am/ V/ 改写句子。1/ Mary can make some strawberry cakes/(否定句)Mary _ make _ strawberry cakes/ 2/ Has her deskmate got a blue skateboard? (肯定句)Her _ _ got a blue skateboard/ 3/ Grandma is fine/ (划线提问)_ _ grandma? 4/ Sam is on the sofa/ (划线提问)_ _ Sam? 5/ Im sad/ (划线提问)How _ you _? 6/ I have got a new colour ball/ (一般疑问句)_ you _ a new colour ball? VI/ 判断。T/FDanny has got a little sister/ She is Mary/ She is four years old/ She likes dolls/ She has got a toy car/ Its red/ She doesnt like it/ She can sing an English song/ Danny and May are deskmates/ May is nine years old/ She has got long hair/ She likes to play with dolls/ too/ She can ride the bicycle/ ( ) 1/ Mays Dannys little sister/ ( ) 2/ Mary likes toy cars/ ( ) 3/ Dannys little sister can sing an English song/ ( ) 4/ Marys Dannys deskmate/ ( ) 5/ Mays hair is long/ 4AM1U3 EX2 班级_ 姓名_ 学号_I/ 正确抄写下列单词和句子。but its gingers water hello ben come in please II/ 按要求写单词。1/ teeth(单数)_ 2/ his(主格)_ 3/ jump(同类词)_4/ watch(复数)_ 5/ happy(反义词)_ 6/ doesnt(完整形式)_7/ I(同音词)_ 8/ have(三单)_ 9/ hungry(反义词)_用所给词的适当形式填空。1/ - How _ (do) his sisters feel? Theyre _(tired)/ 2/ Can she _(have) some milk?3/ Your _(hair) is black/ 4/ Let him _(play) with the ball/ 5/ Where are the _(mouse)? Theyre under the bed/ 6/ Im tired/ Im on _(I) bed/ 7/ Those are _(Betty) red coats/ 8/ How _(do) Jill _? Shes happy/ III/ 改写句子。1/ Sam is hungry/ (划线提问)How _Sam _? 2/ Ginger likes to eat fish/ (否定句) Ginger _ _ to eat fish/ 3/ There is a bottle under the tree/(划线提问)How _ _ _ there under the tree? 4/ The crow can drink the water at last/(否定句)The crow _ _ the water at last/ IV/ 辨音。( )1/A/ comeB/ someC/ home( )2/A/ sadB/ appleC/ cake( )3/A/ teacherB/ ideaC/ meat( )4/A/ catB/ niceC/ rice( )5/A/ crowB/ blowC/ cow( )6/A/ theseB/ thinC/ withV/ 阅读并完成对话。A/ Hello/ Mary/ What do you like to do? B/ I _/ And you? A/ I dont like to fly the kite/ I _/ B/ Oh/ I cant ride the bicycle/ A/ Lets _ together/ B/ OK/ I like to play football/ VI/ 阅读短文,选择最恰当的单词。 My _is Mark/ He is sitting next to me/ He likes to _ football/ He can run very _/ Mark and I _ to sing songs/ We often _to KFC/ We like to _ hamburgers/ We are _ every day/ 4AM1U3 EX3 班级_ 姓名_ 学号_I/ 正确抄写下面句子。now i can drink the water im so happyII/ 写出与划线部分同类的单词。1/ That is an orange orange/ _ _2/ The bottle is full of milk/ _ _3/ He is my little brother/ _ _4/ I dont like my toy robots/ _ _III/ 辨音。( )1/A/ putB/ butC/ duck( )2/A/ postmanB/ noC/ bottle( )3/A/ howB/ brownC/ crow( )4/A/ sheB/ bedC/ berry( )5/A/ hungryB/ fullC/ butIV/ 用所给词的适当形式填空。1/ The monkey _(like) to eat bananas/ 2/ _ (she) grandma has got a basketball/ 3/ -_(have) some juice/ please/ No/ thanks/ I _ _ (be) thirsty/ 4/ _(have) his friend got a toy car? 5/ What can his brother _(do)? He can draw well/ 6/ Here _(be) some pebbles/ 7/ Here is _(a) old woman/ 8/ What _(have) your son got? 9/ There are three _(knife) in my box/ 10/ How _(do) your grandmother _? Shes fine/ 11/ Sam likes _(make) the snowman/ 12/ Teddy can _(swim) in the sea/ 13/ _ they _(like) to eat chicken? 14/ There _(is) any water in the bottle/ V/ 阅读短文,选择最恰当的答案。 Danny is Mikes little brother/ He is five years old/ He likes to play toys/ His favourite toy is Teddy Bear/ He cant run fast/ He likes to draw monkeys/ Mike is eleven years old/ Mike is in Grade Five/ He can play basketball very well/ They have only one bedroom/ They are happy/ ( ) 1/ _ is five years old/ A/ Danny B/ Mike C/ Tom ( ) 2/ Danny likes _best/ A/ toys cars B/ Teddy Bear C/ basketball( ) 3/ Mike is _/ A/ five B/ eleven C/ ten ( ) 4/ Mike is in _/ A/ Grade Four B/ Grade Five C/ Grade One( ) 5/ They have _/ A/ two bedrooms B/ no bedroom C/ one bedroom4AM1U3 EX4 班级_ 姓名_ 学号_I/ 选择题。( ) 1/ -_ are these boys? Theyre eight/ A/ How B/ How old C/ What( ) 2/ Come and _ the watermelon/ Its very sweet/ A/ touch B/ taste C/ feel( ) 3/ My father cant dance/ _ he can cook/ A/ but B/ and C/ or( ) 4/ So many _ are in the post office/ A/ student B/ students C/ students ( ) 5/ Listen _ the bird/ It can sing/ A/ of B/ to C/ at( ) 6/ The box is full _ chocolates and sweets/ A/ of B/ for C/ to( ) 7/ Come _ and sit down/ please/ A/ out B/ on C/ in( ) 8/ We can eat much ice cream in _/ A/ winter B/ morning C/ summer( ) 9/ May I have _ pizzas? Yes/ here you are/ A/ any B/ a C/ some( ) 10/ Tim is tired _ hot dogs/ A/ with B/ of C/ toII/ 按要求改写句子。1/ My friend can play with the ball/(否定句)My friend _ play with the ball/ 2/ My pencil is yellow and red/(划线提问)_ _ is your pencil? 3/ Her father is thirty-eight/(划线提问)_ _is her father? 4/ There are some pebbles in the bottle/(一般疑问句)_ there _ pebbles in the bottles? 5/ I have got an umbrella/ (将I改成Peter)Peter_ got an _/6/ We a
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