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1、外企面试必备英语有很多人都蠢蠢欲动的想要跳槽,若要开始职场新生活,面试是首要的难题 ! 尤其是参加一些外企面试,面试官的那些难题,你可得提前做好准备,见招拆招啊 !1/ “What books or magazines do you read?”“你平常看哪些书或杂志?”“A trade journal relevant to the companys lineof business”“与公司业务有关的贸易杂志。”2/ “What motivates you?”“什么东西能激励你?”“A challenge and interesting work”“有挑战又有趣的工作。”3/ “Tell m

2、e about how you handled a conflictsituation you encountered”“告诉我遇到冲突你是如何处理的。”“I sat down with the other person and asto discuss his issues with me/ I then gave my side of the”ked him“我和对方坐下来讨论了一下我们之间冲突的问题,然后我提出了自己的看法。”4/ “Are you being interviewed by any other companies?”你有没有面试其他公司?“I do have some o

3、ther options/ in thisparticular field/ but this company is my first choice”我有一些其他选择,但是在这个行业内,贵公司是我的第一选择。5/ “What changes have you made in your life that you are most proud of? ”最令你骄傲的改变是什么?“I went back to college to study for my MBA”我回到大学攻读MBA。6/ “Where do you plan to be in five years time?”5 年后你计划自

4、己达到什么高度?“Your company structure makes me hope I could become a staff engineer ”贵公司的架构让我希望自己能成为主管工程师。7/ “What are your salary requirements?”你对工资有什么要求?“Salary is not my primary consideration but I dohave to pay the bills/ so I am open to any reasonable offer ”薪酬并不是我主要考虑的问题,但我也要付账单,所以任何合理的条件我都愿意接受。8/ “What are some of your major weaknesses? ”你主要的缺点有哪些 ?9/ “I am generally nervous giving presentationsbut/ with preparat

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