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Unit11/Your job as a future employee is to help the hiring manager mitigate that risk/AA/ alleviateB/ manageC/suppressD/trace2/You need to help them identify you as a prospective “key player”/CA/immediateB/permanentC/expectedD/prosperous3/Kelly was outstanding and outshone every other player on the field/BA/polishedB/surpassedC/overlookedD/survived4/Better still/develop a reputation inside your lab and with people your lab collaborates with as a person who fosters and initiates collaborations/CA/furnishesB/relievesC/originatesD/protects5/He is a former scientist who transitioned to industry many years ago and then on to a senior management position/DA/transplantedB/succeededC/pursued D/transferred6/The unions mobilized thousands of workers in a protest against the cuts/DA/removedB/discardedC/contractedD/organized7/This creates a requirement not only for people who can act quickly/but for those who can think fast with the courage to act on their convictions/DA/instinctsB/accentsC/reputationsD/beliefs8/His speech was made with such great ambiguity that neither supporter nor opponent could be certain of his true position/CA/neatnessB/acquisitionC/vaguenessD/perception9/The scientist who is transitioning into the business world must prioritize his or her relationship assets above their technical assets/AA/advantagesB/rangesC/defectsD/abstracts10/This approach/ combined with a liberal use of the pronoun “we”and not just “I”when describing your accomplishments/can change the companys perception of you from a lone wolf to a selfless collaborator/DA/responseB/scopeC/observationD/impression11/Im trying to foster an interest in classical music in my children/AA/encourageB/adoptC/opposeD/resist12/A German company collaborated with a Swiss firm to develop the product/BA/operatedB/cooperated C/collided D/liberatedUnit21/Each and every restaurant provides delicious yet economical culinary fare/AA/foodB/ choiceC/ticket D/soup2/Guangdong Province is located in southern China/ with a moderate climate and abundant produce all year round/BA/harshB/mild C/excessiveD/humid3/The culinary culture has exerted a far-reaching influence on other parts of China/BA/spreading B/widespread C/positive D/famed4/Many Chinese restaurants in China/ as well as other parts of the world/ serve this dish/ but often the flavor is less authentic/CA/agreeable B/acceptable C/genuine D/contrastive5/The names of Chinese dishs are diverse/BA/misleading B/varied C/interesting D/divided6/This dish of streaky pork is prepared over a slow fire/AA/fatty B/lean C/steamed D/diced7/People later named it Dongpo Meat/ to commemorate this gifted and generous poet/BA/recommend B/honor C/promote D/advocate8/It is famous for leaving a lingering aftertaste in the mouth/CA/strong B/fragrant C/continuing D/imposing9/The eating process is a time to show humility and concern for others/AA/modesty B/care C/responsibility D/passion10/Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Miluo River after being politically wronged/CA/sentenced B/abused C/treated unjustly D/banishedUnit 4 1/ Although such a statement may seem self-centered(自我为中心的)/ its actually(实际上) quite insightful/perceptive(富有洞察力的)/虽然这样的话听起来似乎有些以自我为中心,实际上却是相当有见地。A/ perceptive B/insignificant C/superstitiousD/respectful 2/Among other things/ people who like themselves are more open to criticism(批评) and less demanding of/exacting of others/从别的方面来说,自我喜欢的人更乐于接受批评,对别人的要求也不那么苛刻。 A/ exacting of B/caring forC/disaproving of D/concerned of 3/It can be romantic/ exciting/ obsessive/compulsive(令人着迷的)/ and irrational/它可能是浪漫的,令人激动的,让人着迷的,或者是不理智的。 A/impatient B/polished C/ compulsive D/spiritual 4/And/ people who say they are “in love” emphasize caring/ intimacy/ and commitment/fidelity(忠诚,忠心)/而且,说自己“处于恋爱中”的人们重视相互之间的关心、亲密和忠诚。A/relationshipB/fidelityC/accommodationD/promise 5/In any type of love / caring about the other person is essential/ Although love may involve passionate(***的) yearning/desire(渴望)/ respect is a more important quality/不管是哪种类型的爱,关心另一方是非常必要的。虽然爱可能包含***的渴望,然而相互尊重才是最重要的品质。A/involvementB/desireC/conscienceD/ache 6/Instead/ it is an unhealthy or possessive/jealous(占有欲) dependency(依赖) that limits the loves social/ emotional/ and intellectual growth/反而成为一种不健康的或者是具有占有欲的依赖,而这会***爱的双方在社会、情感和智力方面的发展。A/manipulativeB/resistantC/jealousD/tremendous 7/This misconceptions(误解) often lead to unrealistic(不现实的) expectations(期望)/ stereotypes(固定模式)/ and disillusionment/disenchantment(幻觉破灭)/这些误解常常会导致不现实的期望、固定模式和幻觉破灭。A/disapprovalB/aisappearenceC/discourageD/ disenchantment 8/It means paying bills/ putting out the garbage/ scrubbing toilet bowls/ being up all night with a sick baby/ and performing myriad/numerous(各种各样的,数不清的) other “oatmeal”tasks that are not very sexy/它是付账单,倒垃圾,刷马桶,孩子生病时守夜,以及完成其他各种各样不那么***的“搅拌燕麦粥”的任务。A/fewB/indefiniteC/ numerous D/untimely 9/Even during the preteen years/ romantic experiences are cultured in the sense that societal and group practices and expectations shape/form(塑造) romantic experience/甚至在13岁之前,请感经历就有社会和群体的活动和期望所决定和培养起来了。A/ form B/result from C/developD/succeed 10/Once desire diminishes/ disappointed loves may wonder where the “spark” in their relationship has gone and may reminisce/recall(回忆) regretfully (and longingly) about “the good old days”/一旦欲望消失了,失望的恋人就会诧异原来他们关系中的“火花”去哪了,他们可能会很遗憾的(而且渴望地)怀念“过去的美好时光”。A/reviveB/revealC/ recallD/recordUnit 51、The speaker announced the establishment of a new college/ 发言人宣布了新学院的成立。 BA、breakdown;B、setup;C、output;D、constructionA、击穿;B、设置;C、输出;D、建造,建筑物2、He has traveled extensively in China,recording every facet of life/ 他广泛游历中国,记录了生活的方方面面。DA、detail;B、corner;C、step;D、aspectA、细节;B、角;C、步;D、方面3、This negative attitude is surprisingly prevalent among young boys/ 在年轻男孩中这种消极的态度令人惊讶的常见。CA、liberal;B、previous;C、common;D、definiteA、***;B、以前的;C、常见;D、明确4、At that point/the public sector deficit was estimated to be around 45 billion/在这一点上,公共部门赤字估计约为45 billion。 BA、forecasted;B、judged;C、determined;D、boastedA、预测;B、判断;C、确定;D、吹嘘5、It was claimed that some doctors were working 80hs a week/ 据说有些医生每周工作80hs。 CA、revealed;B、required;C、stated;D、pleadedA、透露;B、要求;c、表示;D、恳求6、Widelife seems to flourish in the area/ 野生动物似乎在该地区很繁荣。 AA、grow well;B、pass out quickly;C、settle down easily;D、make up convenientlyA、生长良好;B、通快;C、定居地;D、弥补方便7、He lives in Australia now/so we only see him very occasionally/ 7、他现在住在澳大利亚,所以我们只偶尔看到他。BA、regularly;B、sometimes;C、scarcely;D、oftenA、定期;B、有时;C、几乎;D、经常8、She has been commissioned to write a new national anthem/她被委托写一首新的***。 DA、asked;B、required;C、ordered;D、contractedA、要求;b、要求;c、有序;D、契约的9、One of the most prestigious universities in the country is looking for a new president/ 一个全国最有声望的大学正在寻找一位新***。CA、popular;B、prosperous;C、admired;D、aspectA、流行;B、繁荣;C、钦佩;D、方面10、He wouldnt let me reimburse him for the cost of his journey/他不会让我偿还他旅途的费用。AA、支付;B、电荷;C、开关;D、惩罚A、pay;B、charge;C、switch;D、punish11、Gaining confidence is a major component when developing leadership skills/ 领导能力的提升是获得信心的一个重要组成部分。CA、reason;B、legend;C、part;D、necessity/A、原因;B、传奇;C、部分D、;必要性。12、We need to be given greater flexibility in the use of resources/我们需要能非常灵活运用的资源。DA、capacity to sustain;B、ability to maximize;C、rise of productivity;D、ability to make changesA、维持的能力;B、最大限度利用的能力;C、提高生产力;D、做出改变的能力13、Hell never get anywhere working for himself he lacks self-discipline/ 他在任何地方都不可能靠自己得到工作他缺乏自律。 BA、military training;B、self control;C、a vivid imagination;D、a sense of belongingA、军事训练;B、自我控制;C、生动的想象力;D、归属感Unit 61、The press has been asked to respect the privacy of the royal family during this very difficult time/媒体被要求在这个艰难的时刻尊重皇室家族的隐私。 BA individualism B privacy C isolation D insulationA、个人主义;B、隐私;C、隔离;D、绝缘2、The pharmaceutical company attracted a considerable amount of funding for research into a cure for cancer/制药公司吸引了相当多的研究治疗癌症的资金。 DA、 considerate;B、conservative;C、countless;D、considerableA、 体贴;B、保守;C、无数;D、相当大或多的,该考虑的3、A conference might help create new marketing ideas or provide a(n) arena for discussion of problem/ 会议可能有助于创造新的营销理念或提供一个讨论问题的活动场所 AA、arena;B、playground;C、stadium;D、stageA、活动或斗争的场面、场所;B、操场;C、体育场;D、阶段,舞台4、His book is the cultural event of the year/ 他的书是今年的文化事件。 CA、incident;B、accident;C、event;D、affairA、是可预知的事情;B、是不可预知的偶然事件C、历史性的、***性的、对社会具有影响的大事件,强调其影响的深远性;D、指的是一般的事件,或者是指事物,比较小的事务5、The mountaintop provides a spectacular view of Innsbruck and its surroundings/ 山顶可以看到Innsbruck及它周边环境的壮观景象 BA、enviroments;B、surroundings;C、circumstances;D、vicinitiesA、environment 客观环境 用于家庭的自然的生态的 大环境 环境的作用并不一定影响到自己身上;B、surrounding是形容词 应该加上s surroundings 环境 氛围
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