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1、外研版(三起)六年 英 第七册Module9/ unit1 /2测试题一、写出下列短 /(20)1 来和平 /2/ 合国大楼3/ 多在内5 全世界6/照相show sb/ sth/8/the Peoples Republic of China9/ride on a bus10/want to show二、把下列 成 在分 (10)1/visit2/make3/play4/paint5/jump6/sing7/go8/eat9/put10/like三、 填空 /(28)()1/I wantto the school/A/ to goB/ goC/ going()2/She wants toa n

2、urse/A/doB/beC/ make()3/Do you want to gothe UN building?/ A/intoB/inC/to()4/ I go to Harbin/ The snow is very beautiful in winter/A/ canB/ want to C/ want()5/The UNto make peace in the world/A/wantsB/want()6/We can see a lot of flagsallaroundthe world/ A/inB/from()7/He wants to get something/ A/ dr

3、ink B/ to drinkC/drinking()8/Is the UN building big or small?/ A/ Yes/it is/ B/No/ it isnC/It s bigt/ ()9/Who likeclimbing? The monkeysclimbing/ A/like B/likesC/liked()10/I always ride my bike to school/ Igo by bus/A/ oftenB/alwaysC/ never()11/ A// B/ Not very often/A/ What do you do on Spring Festi

4、val?B/ Do you likenoodles? C/ Do you often go to see thefilm?()12/ Heres a flagChina/A/ fromB/ withC/ on()13/ A/ What is it?B/A/ They are flags/ B/ ItCs/ aYes/trainit is/()14/ Do you want to go?A/ toB/ fromC/ inside()15/ These flags are from different/ A/ countries B/ country C/ countrys()16/ They w

5、ant topeace to the world/ A/ buy B/ bring C/ play()17/a fantastic present!A/ HowB/ WhereC/ What()18/ 不符合 文的一 。A/ It s a present from China/B/ It s a busC/ It s in New York/()19/do you want to do?A/ WhoB/WhatC/ Where()20/ The UN building isNew York/A/ atB/ onC/ in()21/ I want to takephoto/A/ aB/ AnC/

6、 the()22/Sheto go to Shanghai/A/ wantB/ wantsC/ wanted()23/There are tall buildings in our city/ A/a lots ofB/lots ofC/ any()24/Kuming is in theof China?/ A/ southB/northC/ east()25/ Do you want tohome?A/go toB/ goC/ going()26/They want tothezoo/A/visitB/ visitingC/ visited()27/A big building!A/ ItB

7、/ What C/ How()28/Do you want to fly?/ A/Yes/I didnt/B/No/I do/C/Yes/I do/第 1页共 3页四、连词成句。(12)1from are countries flags 191 These2、 from I to show Daming a China want present /3、 peace bring They to to the want world /4、 UN want Do you to visit the New York building in ?五/读一读,选出合适的词填空。( 10 分)places/

8、mountains/ famous/ lots/ buildings/ lake/ are/ south/ cold/goDad/ There areof beautiful places to go in China/Boy/ I want to go to Beijing/Beijing is very big and very/Girl/I want to go to Hong Kong/Its big too/and there are lots of tall/Mum/Therelots of shops in Hong Kong/ too/ ButI also want toto

9、Harbin/Harbin is veryin winter/but the snow is very beautiful/Dad/ Kuming is a beautiful place/Its in theof China/and its got a beautiful/Girl/ And there are lots ofand lakes in Guilin/Boy/ I think we should go to all of these/Mum/ Thats a good idea/找出错误并改正: (10)()1/She want to visit the zoo/ABC()2/

10、How a fantastic present!A BC()3/I want to took a photo/ABC()4/Do you want to go Guilin?ABC()5/What is the UN building open?ABC七、阅读理解。阅读短文,根据短文内容补全句子(每个空填一个单词)(10)The Smart family is looking at a map of China/ They want to visit many famous places in China/ Sam wants to go to Xian and see the Terraco

11、tta Warriors (兵马俑) / Amy wants to visitHangzhou/ She wants to see the West Lake/ She knows the West Lake is very beautiful/ Sam andAmysmother wants to see Guangzhou and Hong Kong/ She wants to do some shopping/ MrSmartwants to visit the Three Gorges Dam(三峡大坝) / It isa very big dam and its veryinteresting/ Sam and Amy want to visit the dam/ too/ Tom wants to stay at home/1/The Smart fami

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