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1、大学英语 2019 智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案2019智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案大全第 1 章 单元测试1 、From the author s point of view/ language should be looked upon as a road map and a valuable possession/ often study the road map (check ) and tune up the carengine (adjust )/答案: grammar/ vocabulary2、Some are born great/ some achieve greatness/

2、and some have greatness ( ) them/答案: thrust upon3、However/ the deadline is roaching/ and we will ( )force the issue if necessary/答案: be obliged to4、Whats the meaning of the word“reinforce”?答案: Enquiry5、What does the word“obsolete ” mean?答案: Old/ not useful anymore6、Is analogy used in the following s

3、entence? As you sow/ so you reap/答案: No7、What is the major structure of the following sentence? A MOOC is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web/答案: A MOOC is an online course/9、Each body paragraph should focus on a specific point related to the thesis statemen

4、t/答案:对10、 To write an effective conclusion/ you can either restate the thesis statement using a different structure and vocabulary or briefly summarize the main ideas/ combined with your final thoughts and opinions such as a suggestion/ a prediction/ or a warning/答案:对第 2 章 单元测试1 、I believe I am capa

5、ble of _ the political consequences accurately/答案: calculating2、What is ( )to separate the two parties when they get to the negotiating table?答案: likely3、In other words/ a college education is more and moreseen as a means for economic betterment( ) means forhuman betterment/答案: rather than4、Since an

6、cient times/ people have speculated about the mystery of those inner forces that drive some people to greatness and ( )to selfdestruction/答案: others5、I chose to work abroad to improve my career( )/答案: prospects6、If your goal is a clear and quick understanding ofwhat you ve read/ you may ignore small

7、 details/答案:对7、Facts/ evidence and details in a paragraph are equally important/ We should look for all of them/答案:错8、To be an excellent film producer/ one doesn t need to learn the humanities/答案:错9、Although Harvard is a comprehensive university/ it attaches great importance to liberal arts educatio

8、n and cultivation of humanistic quality/答案:对10、 Studying the humanities helps us improve our reading and writing ability/答案:对第 3 章 单元测试1、What does SWEETHEART in the title imply?答案: dating2、Which sentences have used synecdoche?答案: He is a valiant heart/、Thefoxgoesverywellwithyourcap/3、The meaning of

9、the word“display”is答案:显示,显露(情感、态度等)4、The missing part of the word “pessi ( )” ( 悲观的;悲观主义的 ) should be答案: mistic5、As he later( )to Ruth/ he could almost do it in hissleep/答案: confessed6、Is nonrestrictive attributive clause generally translated as a postposition attributive?答案: Yes7、Which of the follo

10、wing is the correct spelling of the word meaning “赞许;赞成” ?答案: rove8、According to the text/ the author and Butch s love is a( )journey of love and learning/答案: faithful9、Butch ( ) with the author at first sight/答案: fell in love10、 Which of the following word shares the similar meaning of the word “we

11、ird ”?答案: strange第 4 章 单元测试1 、Many students derived enormous satisfaction the course/答案: from2、Many women are faced with the ( ) of choosing between work and family commitments/ 答案: dilemma4、What are the two roaches that writers most often adopt to organize their comparison and contrast paragraphs a

12、nd essays?答案: Pointbypoint、 Subjectbysubject5、Which of the following imperative sentences is not from the text?答案: Let s go shopping/6、She was quite ( ) about why she left/答案: explicit7、Primitive man quickly learned how to tools/答案: manipulate8、Which of the following choices is not correct? 答案: The

13、Pointbypoint roach is better than the Subjectbysubject roach/9、There is more than one way to ()the problem/答案: tackle10、 He is wellintentioned but a poor ( )/答案: administrator第 5 章 单元测试2、What is the meaning of discard?答案: get rid of sth/3、What is the meaning of the phrase“be attached to sth// sb/ ”

14、in the following sentence/ The bird got so attached to her that it would take food from between her lips/答案: like sb/ or sth/ very much4、To discourage people from smoking/ very high taxes have recently been ( ) cigarettes/答案: imposed on5、Some people are very selfish and seem to think that the world

15、( )them/答案: revolves around6、After the bridge collapsed/ engineers( ) how a disaster like this could have occurred/答案: investigated7、Our father s health is what matters/ and the cost of his treatment is of( )importance/ 答案: As a result of8、The ( )of outer space is one of the greatest triumphs of mod

16、ern science/答案: conquest9、Appropriate transitions indicating causes betweenparagraphs or sentences in your essay can make your ideasflow more smoothly/ Which of the following words does notusually indicate cause?答案: consequently10、There is a sentence/“One answ er/ Dr/ Ariely says/is to implement mor

17、e prohibitions on overbooking/ ” Do you think the following interpretation is true or false?In Dr/ Ariely s opinion/ one way is to take action to limit the amount of things we schedule in our daily lives and to reduce the amount of things we plan to do in the future/ We should simply our lives/答案:对第

18、 6 章 单元测试1 、Which of the following is mentioned as an obstacle to a female boss in text A?答案: Perceptions about female s gender 2、Who has got passive income?答案: Boss or Investor3、According to the findings/ who has low tolerance for female bosses?答案: Women4、What made the feminists so angry in the second wave offeminism?答案: Women were treated as a puppet of man/5、What is the most frequently adopted method in dealingwith unfamiliar words and phrases? Men “synonymscanning” and “rootdeducing ”/答案: Consulting for dictionaries6、One should use as many ex

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