广西浦北县第三中学八年级英语上学期竞赛试题1 外研版
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广西浦北县第三中学2012-2013学年八年级英语上学期竞赛试题1 外研版一英汉互译(10分)1/as well _ 2/be friendly to sb 3/in the end 4/全世界 5/处于危险中 6/不如 7/做运动 8/擅长 _ 9/同意某人 10/thanks for 二单项选择。(30分)( )1/The picec of music sounds /A/beautiful B/more beautiful C/beautifully ( )2/Basketball is than baseball/A/popularer B/ more popular C/ popular( )3/ Mr Green has two sons/ They students/A/are both B/ both are C/ are all ( )4/ Mike has two coats/ One is red/ is blue/A/the other B/ another C/ other( )5/My mother always says her cake cooks and smells / A/ good well B/well good C/well well ( )6/You sing she/A/as good as B/as well as C/ so good as ( )7/The long jump starts 2 oclock this afternoon/A/at in B/ at C/ in in ( )8/The story is /Most of the students are in it/A/ interesting interesting B/ interested interesting C/ interested interesting ( )9/Mary often helps her mother the housework on Sundays/A/with B/to C/ for ( )10/Which does Jim like / Chinese or Art?A/well B/best C/better ( )11/The Changjiang River is one of in the world/A/the longest rivers B/ longest river C/ longer river( )12/I have friends than you/A/ many more B/ much more C/ more much( )13/I prefer on the Internet to TV/A/surf watch B/surfing watching C/surfing wacth ( )14/His brothers bike is new/ His is newer than /A/his brothers B/ his brother C/ his brothers( )15/There are many people the football game now/A/ watching B/ to watch C/ watch 三改错(10分)1/Thanks you for your letter/ 2/Does he has a computer at home? 3/Everyone like sport/ 4/Bob is heavyer than his brother/ 5/Your hair is longer than me/ 6/She is youngest of the three/ 7/I prefer apples than bananas/ 8/I want buy a faster computer/ 9/He is tall and he isnt fat/ 10/Beijing is second biggest city in China/ 四用所给词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1/She can do _ (well)than you/2/This river is (long) in our town3/I can write _ (careful)than her/4/Which is (cheap) / bike or car?5/Jack (look) thinner than his brother/6/I think she is a (friend) girl/7/Look! He (play) table tennis/8/Who jumps (far)in your class?9/Practise as (much) as you can/10/This kind of football is (expensive) in the shop/五句型转换。(10分)1/I am ten years old/ she is fourteen years old/(合并成一句) She is than me/2/I sing well/ she sings well too/ (合并成一句) She sings me/3/He is too young/ he cant go to school/ (合并成一句) He is young go to school/4/Sam did best in the test/ (就画线的部分提问) did best in the test?5/Toms hair is very short/ (就画线的部分提问) hair is very short? 六补全对话(10分)A/Good afternoon/ 1 B/Yes/please/ Id like to buy a camera/A/ 2 kinds of camera here/ The one made in Japan looks niceB/ 3 ?A/Its 3888 yuan/B/Oh/ 4 / Can it be a little cheaper?A/No/B/ 5 though its expensive/ Here is the money/ Bey!1 2 3 4 5 七完形填空(10分)It is half past seven in the morning/ Mr/ Johnson is looking_1_ his_2_/He is _3_quickly/ Then he is washing and _4_/He is late as usual/ So he doesnt _5_time for breakfast/ He is_6_all the way to the station and he arrives there just in time for the train/ Mr/ Johnson_7_eat anything in the morning/ He always says to a few friends_8_at the office/ “Its nice to have _9_in the morning/ but Its nicer to _10_ in the bed!” ( )1/A/at B/ for C/ after( )2/A/match B/ window C/ watch ( )3/A/getting up B/going to bed C/sleeping ( )4/A/dressed B/ getting dressed C/ dress( )5/A/has B/ have C/ know ( )6/A/walking B/ running C/ talking( )7/A/doesnt B/ isnt C /not ( )8/A/of his B/ his C/of him( )9/A/breakfast B/ lunch C/ tea ( )10/A/do exercise B/ lie C/ sleeping 八阅读理解(10分)Mary has four cousins(表兄妹)/ They are Betty/ Peter/ Bill and Ann/ Mary is the oldest of the five/ Betty is thirteen years old/ She is two years younger than Mary and one year older than Peter/ Bill is nine/ and Ann/ the youngest/ is seven/Betty and Peter are good runners/ But Peter runs faster/ Mary and Ann like to play basketball/ Mary plays better than Ann/ Bill is the best singer of the five/ Mary and Betty study in a middle school/ Peter/ Bill and Ann study in a primary school(小学)/ The five children all work hard at school/ But Betty works hardest/( )1、There are _years between Mary and Peter/A/ eight B/ six C/ three D/ two( )2、Peter is _years old/A/ twelve B/ thirteen C/ fifteen D/ nine( )3、Who runs fastest of the five?
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