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1、金积中心学校六年级英语下册3 月份月考测试卷学校班级姓名听力部分一、听单词。选出你所到的单词,选序号。 10 分()1 、A 、 thirteenB、 twentyC 、 thirtyD 、fifteen( ) 2、A、$ 20B 、$ 25C、$ 75D 、$ 55()3 、 A、 rainB、 rainyC 、 rainingD、rained()4 、A 、 duckB 、 luckC 、 lookD 、chicken( ) 5、 A、howB、 whoC、 whoseD、 when二、听问句,选答语。 10 分() 11 、 A 、 Imthirteen/ B 、 Itstwenty/C

2、 、 Hesfifteen/()12 、A 、 $ 20B 、 12/C、7/()13、 A 、At twelve/B、 Its nine /C、Sam/()14、A、 Yes/I do/B 、 Yes/I can/C 、 Yes/I am/( )15、A、A hamburger/B、A cola/C、 A coat/三、听句子,补充句中所缺少的单词。( 其中有一个多余项 )10 分snowraincoldsunnywarmwindyLook!ItwillinHarbin/It willinGuangzhou/ ItwillinBeijing/IttwillinXi an/ Itwillin第

3、 1页共 5页Shanghai/笔试部分一、拼写单词。 10 分ct 美分 be care当心 sh e照耀 fly飞走 bl吹二、单项选择题。 10 分() 1、 What do you want _ ? A/ eatB/ eatingC/ to eat() 2、How _ is it ? Its $ 20/A/ manyB/ muchC /old() 3、 Look / it s _ outside / A/ rainingB/ rainyC /rain() 4、I am sending some _ / A /photo B/ photosC /photoes()5、The ducks

4、are swimming _ the pond /A inB on C at()6、 _are you going to go to school? At half past seven/A/ WhenB/ WhatC/ Where()7、 _ colas do you want? Four colas/ please/A/ How manyB/ How muchC/ How()8、 I want _ rice and chicken /A some B any C a()9、I _ a cola and Sam _ a hot dog /A/ wants/ wantB/ want/ want

5、sC/ wants/ wants()10、The birds are in the trees /A/ sing B/ singsC/ singing三、选择配伍。 10 分()1、Here you are /A、 Yes/ it s great /()2、What do you want to eat? B、Thank you /第 2页共 5页( )3、/Are these ducks hungry ? C、It s five yuan /( )4、How much is it ?D、 I want to eat fish /( )5、Do you want to have a picni

6、c ? E、 Yes/they are四、 /看图选出正确的句子 10分( )1/The hot dog is two dollars/()2/He goes home at half past four/()3/They are going to have a party at half past six/()4/They goes to school at eight /()5/They are going to the park at eleven /五、根据图片补全句子10 分1/The girl is _/2/The boy is_/3/They are_/第 3页共 5页4/The

7、 ducks are _/5/The children are_/六、从方框中选出正确的句子,将句子序号填写在横线上/10 分A/Yes pleaseB/Its twenty yuan/C/A cola/ please/D/Thank you/E/Yes/ we have/Waitress/ Hello/ Can I help you?Tom// Have you got a hot dog?Waitress/_/Tom/ OK/ A hot dog/ please/Waitress/ What do you want to drink?Tom// How much is it?/Waitre

8、ss//Tom/ Here you are/Waitress//Enjoy your meal!七、 阅读理解。判断正( T)误( F)。 10 分On Sunday morning/ The sun is shining/ We have no classes/We are playing in the park/ Some girls are singing and dancing under abig tree/ Some boys are climbing the hill/ Tom is drawing near the lake/Mike and John are swimming in the lake/ Where are Betty and Mary?They are sitting under a small tree/ They are reading a book/ We arevery happy/()1/ Today we havent got classes / /()2/We are playing in the park/()3/Some girls are climbing the hill/()4/Betty

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