Get Started with ASO in 5 Simple Steps ?

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App Store Optimization or ASO is theprocess of increasing app visibility and boosting user acquisition in the app stores/It is an organic growth strategy that is also a driving force for any paid campaign/ Whether you’re publishing your first app or your 50th/ having a bulletproof App Store Optimization strategy is going to be the key to your success/ Today/ we’re going to walk you through5 simple steps to get startedwith App Store Optimization/

1/ Analyze the App Market and Determine Your App’s USP

The first step in getting started with App Store Optimization is analyzing the app market and determining your app s USP/

Your app’s niche or category and its USP (unique selling point) will lead your entire App Marketing and also App Store Optimization strategy/ These two aspects help you determine the status of the app market you’re entering and your target audience/ Thus/ they guide the strategy needed for exponential growth/

Nailing Down Your App Category to Analyze the Current Market

Deciding which niche or category our app belongs in is pretty simple/ To guide the process/ check out ones that are listed on Apple App Store and Google Play/

So how exactly is this going to help you grow your app business? Well you need toknow who you’re talking to and why they would want to download your app/ You also must identify your competitors and the other players in your app’s niche/ aka the market/

Get Started with ASO by Determining Your App s Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your app’s category identifies the users you want to acquire and your app’s USP is the reason why users will download and stay active/

DefininDefAirbnb appeals to a travel loving audienceSource/ Airbnb

For example/ Airbnb is a travel accommodation and experience booking app/ They are ranked #3 in the Travel category on the App Store/ Their USP is plainly stated in the first screenshot/ With this app/ users can search/ book/ travel/ and explore/ So/ Airbnb appeals to people who enjoy traveling and want to really experience the destination that they are going to/ Consequently/ when it comes to marketing/ Airbnb knows they need to target this wanderlust loving audience/

2/ How Do You Build an App Keyword Set?

Okay/ now you know your target audience/ If you need further guidance check out our guide tofinding target audience for mobile apps/

The next step in getting started with App Store Optimization is to come up withkeyword ideas/Keywords are how users will be able to search for and discover your app in the app stores/

Gather App Keyword Ideas from Friends/ Family/ and Colleagues

A good jumping off point for app keyword research is simply asking for ideas from your friends/ family/ and colleagues/ This will give you afirst impressionof what words people are most likely to use when describing your app/ Prompt them with some basic questions such as/

  • How would you describe my app to someone who hasn’t used it before?

  • What problems do my app help you solve?

  • What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you think about my app?

  • After you’ve gathered a good amount of general keyword ideas/ you’re ready to sign up for an App Store Optimization tool/

    3/ Sign Up for an App Store Optimization Tool to Get Started with ASO

    An App Store Optimization tool is a software or web app that helps you complete app marketing tasks like finding keywords and analyzing competitors/ It may sound daunting at first/ butApp Radaris an App Store Optimization tool that has aneasy to usedesign and comes with tutorials to guide you through the entire App Store Optimization process/

    Create a free App Radar accountand import the keywords you collected from your friends/ family/ and colleagues into the Keyword Tracking feature/

    Start Growing Your Apps

    Track keyword rankings/ analyze competitors/ reply to ratings and reviews/ and more!

    Create Free Account

    Once you start tracking/ pay attention to these 4 values/

    • Current rank/the position of your app in the search results for that keyword

    • Search volume/how often the keyword is searched for

    • Difficulty/how challenging it is to rank for the keyword

    • Live search/real-time search results for that keyword

    First/ you want to use Live Search to determine if your current keywords arerelevantto your app/ When the other apps listed could be your competitors or are in the same niche/ then the keyword is relevant/

    Next/ check the current rank/ When the rank is low (>/5)/ you’ll want to work toraiseit/ You can do this by implementing the keyword in a stronger ranking weight field/

    Lastly/ when the search volume is low (=5)/throw outthe keyword/ This means that no one is searching for this term in the app stores/

    Use App Radar to determine if your initial set of keywords is relevant to your appSource/ App Radar

    Find More Effective Keywords Using App Radar

    You can use App Radar to find additional keywords that will drive app growth/

    • Discover keywords your app is already ranking for

    • Get autocomplete keywords from App Store and Google Play

    • Identify trending keywords on App Store and Google Play

    • Receive keyword tracking suggestions via AI

    • Search through App Radar’s massive keyword library

    Use App Radar to find app keywords that will drive growthSource/ App Radar

    4/ Researching Your App Competitors is Important When Getting Started with ASO

    The 4th step in getting started with App Store Optimization is to do competitor research and analysis/ You need to know who you’re up against and what strategies they’re using/

    You can easily track your competitors on App Radar/ If you’re not sure who your competitors are/ App Radar will give you a few suggestions to start with/

    Now you’ll be able to see what their app screenshots look like/ which keywords they’re using and ranking on/ if they’re running any Apple Search Ads/ and more/ Use this information toleverage keywords your competitors are usingand to build your own app brand that stands out from the crowd/

    Use App Radar to track and analyze your competitor appsSource/ App Radar

    5/ Don’t Forget About Your App Screenshots/ Ratings and Reviews/ and UX/UI

    Lastly/ App Store Optimization is not only about keywords/ It also involves ensuring that people download your app once they find it/ in other words/Conversion Rate Optimization/ This is where building a unique andstand out app brandcomes in/

    Make sure that your app store listing/ app screenshots/ ratings and reviews/ and overall app ux/ui appeal directly to your target audience/ By analyzing your competitors you can see which colors/ language/ and strategies are commonly used in your app’s niche/

    Need help nailing down your app’s unique brand?Contact our app marketing teamand we’ll discuss a tailored solution with you!

    Get Started with ASO Summary

    App Store Optimization isbest learned by doing/If you need help/ App Radar has many free resources that can guide you/ Check out ourASO Academy/ where you can learn everything you need to know about App Store Optimization/ And be sure not to pass up on our video tutorials/ available in yourfree account/ So stop waiting around and losing downloads/ Get started with App Store Optimization today!

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