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1、外企的面试问题1/ What extracurricular activities were you involved in? What made you choose those? Which of them did you most enjoy/ and why?2/ What led you to select your major? You minor?3/ Which of your courses did you like the least?4Was there a course you found particularly challening ?5If you Were to

2、 start college over again tomorrom/ what are the courses you would take?why?6In college,how did you go about influencingsomeone to accept your ideas?7Based on what you know of the job market,which of your courses were the most useful?The least?8/ What advice would you give college student intending

3、to go into your field?9/ What are your most memorable experiences fromcollege?did you learn from your internships or work study experiences?11/ Why dont I see internships or work-study experiences on you resume?12 In what courses did your worst grades? Why? How do you think that will affect your per

4、formance on the job?13 Why did you decide to go to college?14 How was your college education funded?15 What percentage of your college did you college did you pay for and what sort of jobs did you have while you were in school?16 Tell me a little about some of your extracurricular activities that would assist you in this job/17 Why are you working in a field other than the one in which you have a degree?18 What have you done to stay current in yourfield?19 Are you satisfied with the grades you receive

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