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1、八年级Unit 4单元测试(上)姓名_ 总分_/ 单项选择。(15分)A 选择与句中划线部分意思相同或相近的词或短语。( )1/I walk past some of my favorite shops every day/A/ pass B/ to C/ by D/ from ( )2/They look left/ then right/ and cross the street/A/ go across B/ go past C/ go by D/ go pass( )3/I need a big park to play soccer!A/ basketball B/ ball C/

2、ping pang D/ football( )4/Thanks a lot/ A/ much B/ many C/ very much D/ a lot of( )5/Ill show you /when I am done/A/ I finish it B/I do it C/I did it D/ I finished itB/ 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。( )6/Is there a movie theatre _your neighborhood?A/ of B/ with C/ in D/ for ( )7/Danny is walking/ He is _his way _

3、home/A/ on/ to B/ for/ / C/ at/ to D/ on / /( )8/ There is always a parking lot _the shopping centre/A/ in B/ beside C/ with D/ of( )9/Miss Gao likes _a bus to work/A/ having B/ bringing C/ taking D/ leaving( )10/When you _the street/ you must look carefully/A/ past B/ across C/ pass D/ cross( )11/T

4、hats not my book/ I cant _it for a long time/A/ show B/ keep C/ buy D/ borrow( )12/ Jim bought his mother a gift/ it _him 45 yuan/ A/ spent B/ cost C/ took D/ paid( )13/ The boat went the lake/ A/ across B/ cross C/ past D/ passed ( )14/ Jenny bought a new pen for _sister on _way home/A/ her / her B

5、/ hers / her C/ her / hers D/ she / she ( )15/ He often asks his mom _his favorite drinks when she shops/A/ buy B/ to buy C/ buying D/ bought/句型转换。(10分)1/ My mother got them yesterday from the post office/(改为一般疑问句) _ your mother _ them yesterday from the post office?2/ I think they would come tonigh

6、t/ (改为否定句)I _ think they _come tonight/3/ They are making birthday cards for Brian/(对画线部分提问)What _they _for Brain?4/ My groups favorite subject is physical education/ (对画线部分提问)_ favorite subject _physical education?5/ We have lived in this neighborhood for two years/ (对画线部分提问)_ _have you lived in th

7、is neighborhood?/完形填空。(10分)Mr/ Brown lives in a city/ He 1 a small shop in the middle of city/ and he sells(***) pictures in it/ Theyre not expensive/ 2 some of 3 are very nice/One day/ a woman came 4 the shop and looked at one picture for a few 5 / Its a picture 6 horses in a field/ Then she asked/

8、“ 7 is this picture?” “ Twenty dollars/” Mr/ Brown answered/“Its 8 expensive/ Can I 9 you two dollars for it?” said the woman/“ Two dollars? But you 10 buy the canvas(油画布) with two dollars/” “Oh/ but it isnt clean now/” the woman said/( )1/ A/ has B/ haveC/ had D/ is( )2/ A/ so B/ becauseC/ and D/ b

9、ut( )3/ A/ they B/ themC/ their D/ it( )4/ A/ onB/ in C/ into D/ on( )5/ A/ hours B/ minutes C/ weeks D/ years( )6/ A/ onB/ with C/ of D/ to( )7/ A/ How muchB/ How manyC/ How old D/ How( )8/ A/ noB/ notC/ too D/ isnt( )9/ A/ giveB/ letC/ have D/ make( )10/ A/ can B/ cantC/ are D/ arent/阅读理解。(10分)A y

10、oung man once went to buy a pair of pants/ When he got home/ he went upstairs(上楼)to his bedroom and put them on/ He found that they were two inches(英寸) long/ Then he came out of his room to see his mother and his two sisters/ They were washing something in the kitchen/“These new pants are too long/

11、they need to be shortened(缩短) about two inches/ Would one of you like to do this for me/ please?” His mother and sisters were busy and none of them said anything/ The mother went upstairs after she had finished washing and shortened the pants two inches/ But she didnt tell her daughters about it/ La

12、ter on/ after supper/ the elder sister remembered her brothers pants/ So she went upstairs without saying to anyone/ and shortened the pants two inches/ The younger sister went to the cinema/ but when she came back/ she also remembered what her brother had said/ So she ran upstairs/ and took two inc

13、hes off the legs of the new pants/( )6/The new pants were _/ A/ too long for the young man B/ two inches long C/ six inches long D/ too short for the young man ( )7/The young man asked _to shorten his pants/A/ his mother and his two sisters B/ his mother and one of his sister C/ his mother D/ his mo

14、ther or one of his two sisters( )8/_/his elder sister shorten his pants/A/ After supper B/ After the mother finished washingC/ After the young man went upstairs D/ After the younger sister went to the cinema( )9/How many inches were the legs of the new pants shortened by at last?A/ Two/ B/ Four/ C/

15、Six/ D/ Eight/( )10/When the young man put on the pants/ he would _/A/feel happy B/ be very sad C/ thank his family D/ be very excitedV、词汇知识(1)按要求写出词的正确形式(10分)1/ cross(名词)_2/ past (同音词)_3/ play (名词) _ 4/ good(比较级)_5/ funny (名词)_ 6/ video (复数)_7/ visit(名词)_8/ celebrate(名词)_9/ cost (过去式)_ 10/ new(同音词)

16、_(2)根据语境和单词的首字母填空(5分)11/ Take the second t _on the right/ 12/ Go s_ down the road and youll find the bookshop/ 13/ Thank you for h _me with my homework/ 14/ Everyone in my class h _ a computer/ 15/ Im s_ I have kept you waiting for me for so long/ (3)用所给词的正确形式填空(5分)16/ That backpack is not _(我的)/its

17、 _/(他的)17/ _(谁的)shoes are these? They are _/(她的)18/ My father works in a _/ he is a _(bake)/19/ You should keep your eyes _(close)when you are doing eye exercise/20/ Drive slowly and _(careful)!(4)用所给动词的正确形式填空(5分)21/ He _(be)a teacher for 30 years/22/ My job is _(teach)you English/23/ I would like a

18、 place _(play)football/24/ Whats he going to do when he _(grow)up?25/ Go _(cross)the road/ its on your left side/(5)英汉词组互译(10分)26/ 努力工作_ 27/ on the way to the park_28/ 逐渐认识_ 29/ walk along the sidewalk_30/ 5分钟后_ 31/ across from the street_32/ 迷路_ 33/ in the top right corner_34/ 看电影_ 35/ shopping cen

19、tre_ VI、句型转换:(15分)1/ He bought the car ten years ago/ (用for ten years代替划线部分)He _ _ the car for ten years/ 2/ Do you wan to live in a new place? (同义句)_ you _ to live in a new place?3/ My brother dislikes wearing school clothes/ (反意疑问句)My brother dislikes wearing school clothes/ _ _?4/ Would you please help me learn math? (同义句)Would

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