The Kite Runner-美句摘抄及造句
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The Kite Runner追风筝的人-美句摘抄1/ I can still see Hassan up on that tree/ sunlight flickering through the leaves on his almost perfectly round face/ a face like a Chinese doll chiseled from hardwood/ his flat/ broad nose and slanting/ narrow eyes like bamboo leaves/ eyes that looked/ depending on the light/ gold/ green even sapphire翻译:我依然能记得哈桑坐在树上的样子,阳光穿过叶子,照着他那***的脸庞。他的脸很像木头刻成的中国娃娃,鼻子大而扁平,双眼眯斜如同竹叶,在不同光线下会显现出金色、绿色,甚至是宝石蓝。E/g// A shadow of disquietflickeringover his face/2/ Never told that the mirror/ like shooting walnuts at the neighbors dog/ was always my idea/翻译:从来不提镜子、用胡桃射狗其实都是我的鬼主意。E/g// His secret died with him/ for he never told anyone/3/ We would sit across from each other on a pair of high branches/ ournakedfeetdangling/ our trouser pockets filled with driedmulberriesand walnuts/翻译:在那高高的枝桠上,我们相对而坐,没穿鞋子的脚丫晃来荡去,裤兜里满是桑椹干和胡桃。E/g// Why are you emailing me when I sit across the hall?4/ If someone bragged that his son was a doctor/ chances were the kid had once passed a biology test in high school/翻译:如果有人吹嘘说他儿子是医生,很可能是那孩子曾经在高中的生物学测验中考了个及格的分数。E/g// So the chances were he was a foreigner/5/ My father was a force of nature/ a towering Pashtun specimen with a thick beard/ a wayward crop of curly brown hair as unruly as the man himself/ hands that looked capable of uprootinga willow tree/ and a black glare that would drop the devil to his knees begging for mercy? 翻译:爸爸是典型的普什图人,身材高大,孔武有力,留着浓密的小胡子,卷曲的棕色头发甚是好看,跟他本人一样不羁;他双手强壮,似乎能将柳树连根拔起;并且,就像拉辛汗经常说的那样,黑色的眼珠一瞪,会让魔鬼跪地求饶。E/g// The seniority system represents a force of habit and is backward/6/ Baba paid for the construction of the two-story orphanage/ just off the main strip of Jadeh Maywand south of the Kabul River/ with his own money/翻译:恤孤院楼高两层,位于喀布尔河南岸,在雅德梅湾大道旁边,所耗资费均由父亲自己支付。E/g// Yes/ its sharp pain but just off and on/7/ If the story had been about anyone else/ it would have been dismissed as laaf/ that Afghan tendency to exaggerate-sadly/ almost a nationalaffliction/翻译:如果这是个关于别人的故事,肯定有人会斥之为笑话奇谈。阿富汗人总喜欢将事物夸大,很不幸,这几乎成了这个民族的特性。E/g// Bob has a tendency to exaggerate things/8/ Kites were the one paper thin slice of intersection between those spheres/翻译:风筝是我们之间薄如纸的交集。E/g// A thin slice of meat/ usually vealor lamb/ cut from the leg or ribs/9/ Winter to me was the end of long division and naming the capital of Bulgaria/ and the start of three months of playing cards by the stove with Hassan/ free Russian movies on Tuesday mornings at Cinema Park/ sweet turnip qurma over rice for lunch after a morning of building snowmen/翻译:于我而言,冬天意味着那些复杂的除法题目的结束,也不用去背保加利亚的首都,可以开始一连三个月坐在火炉边跟哈桑玩***,星期二早晨去电影院公园看免费的俄罗斯影片,早上堆个雪人之后,午餐吃一顿甜芜青拌饭。E/g// God Moves is the end of a journey and the start of a pilgrimage10/ They shut down school for the icy season/翻译:天寒地冻,学校就停课了。E/g// I was in harness at the factory for over twenty years before it shut down/11/ I step out of the house early in the morning/ still in my pajamas/ hugging my arms against the chill/翻译:一大清早我穿着睡衣,走到屋子外面,双臂环抱抵御严寒。E/g// Black stepped out of the ranks when his name was called12/ Afghanscherishcustom butabhorrules/翻译:阿富汗人尊重风俗,但讨厌规则。E/g// All too often we observe some parents tend to pursue their cherished but failed dream by forcing their children to develop in a prearranged direction/13/ Therulesweresimple/Norules/Flyyourkite/Cuttheopponents/Good luck/翻译:规则很简单:放起你的风筝,割断对手的线,祝你好运。E/g// You should fly your kite against the wind/14/ Exceptthatwasntall/Therealfunbeganwhenakitewascut/翻译:不仅如此,若有风筝被割断,真正的乐趣就开始了。E/g// I dont know exactly where he livesexcept thatits somewhere out in the wilds/15/ For kite runners/ the most coveted prize was the last fallen kite of a winter tournament/ It was a trophy of honor/ something to be displayed on a mantle for guests to admire/翻译:对追风筝的人来说,最大的奖励是在冬天的比赛中捡到最后掉落的那只风筝。那是无上的荣耀,人们会将其挂在壁炉架之下,供客人欢欣赞叹。E/g// Herewith/ a sneak peek at some salaries/ job outlooks/ and insider details of seven of the most coveted careers/16/ He positioned himself at a spot that he thought would give him a head start/ Tense muscles readied themselves to uncoil/ Necks craned/ Eyes crinkled/ Fights broke out/翻译:他们会朝向那个他们预计风筝跌落的地方,绷紧的肌肉蓄势待发,脖子抬起,眼睛眯着,斗志昂扬。E/g// If the drummer has the cymbals positioned low and close to the toms/ grab each cymbal and move it on its axis to see if it will hit the microphone or stand/17/ It was downright eerie the way he always got to the spot the kite would land before the kite did/ as if he had some sort of inner compass/翻译:十分奇怪的是,在风筝跌落之前,他总是等在那个它将要跌落的地方,似乎他体内有某种指南针。E/g// He wasnt just inconsiderate/ he wasdownrightrude/18/ For you,a thousand times over/翻译;对你,说一千次的对不起都不够。E/g// Shes a millionaire several times over/19/ It was only a smile/ nothing more/ It didnt make everything all right/ It didnt make anything all right/ Only a smile/ A tiny thing,A leaf in the woods/ shaking in the wake of a startled birds flight/翻译:它只是一个微笑,没有别的了。它没有让所有事情恢复正常。它没有让任何事情恢复正常。只是一个微笑,一件小小的事情,像是树林中的一片叶子,在惊鸟的飞起中晃动着。E/g// The European Union is increasing its sanctions against North Korea in the wake of its latest nuclear weapons test/20/ But Ill take it/ with open arms/ Because when spring comes/ it melts the snow one flake at a time/ and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting/翻译:但我会迎接它,张开双臂。因为每逢春天到来,它总是每次融化一片雪花;而也许我刚刚看到的,正是第一片雪花的融化。E/g// He witnessed the ambulance passing/ 21/ A grown man running with a swarm of screaming children/ But I didnt care/ I ran with the wind blowing in my face/ and a smile as wide as the Valley of Panjsher on my lips/翻译:一个成年人在一群尖叫的孩子中奔跑。但我不在乎。我追,风拂过我的脸庞,我唇上挂着一个像潘杰希尔峡谷那样大大的微笑。E/g// Strecthing out his arms as wide as they could go/22/ One corner of his mouth had curled up just so/翻译:他嘴角的一边微微翘起。E/g// My fathers bad jokes always make mecurl up/23/ That was a long time ago/ but its wrong what they say about the past/ Ive learned/ about how you can bury it,because the past claws its way out/ Looking back now/ I realize I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the last twenty-six years/翻译:许多年过去了,人们说陈年旧事可以被埋葬,然而我终于明白这是错的,因为往事会自行爬上来。回首前尘,我意识到在过去二十六年里,自己始终在窥视着那荒芜的小径。E/g// He just had time to peek into the room before the door closed/24/ There is a way to be good again/ I looked up at those twin kites/ I thought about Hassan/ Thought about Baba/ Ali/ Kabul/ I thought of the life I had lived until the winter of 1975 came and changed everything/ And made me what I am today/翻译:那儿有再次成为好人的路。我抬眼看看那比翼齐飞的风筝。我忆起哈桑。我缅怀爸爸。我想到阿里。我思念喀布尔。我想起曾经的生活,想起1975年那个改变了一切的冬天。那造就了今天的我。E/g// So/ I dug out a finance-for-the-complete-idiot book/lookedupnominal interest/ and modified the definition of interest as follows/25/ When you kill a man/ you steal a life/ “Baba said/ You steal his wifes right to a husband/ rob his children of a father/ When you tell a lie/ you steal someones right to the truth/ ”翻译:“当你杀害一个人,你偷走一条性命,”爸爸说,“你偷走他妻子身为人妇的权利,夺走他子女的父亲。当你说谎,你偷走别人知道***的权利。E/g// When you cheat/ you steal the right to fairness/26/ I heard the leather of Babas seat creaking as he shifted on it/ I closed my eyes/ pressed my ear even harder against the door/ wanting to hear/ not wanting to hear/ 翻译:我听到爸爸挪动身子,皮椅吱吱作响。我合上双眼,耳朵更加紧贴着门板,又想听,又不想听。E/g// Iheardsomeone laughing/27/ To him/ the words on the page were a scramble of codes/ indecipherable/ mysterious/ Words were secret doorways and I held all the keys/翻译:对他而言,书页上的文字无非是一些线条,神秘而不知所云。文字是扇秘密的门,钥匙在我手里。E/g// Robinswordswerenot without emotion28/ Lost her to a fate most
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