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1、六年级英语第三次月考试卷一、选出不同类的一项 ( 10 分)()1 A sleepB riceC play()2 A swimmingB goingC send()3 A pandaB believesC thinks()4 AfishB snakeC basketball()5A noseB smallC big二、选择题 (30 分)()1 He _ like fish /A don t B doesn tC not()2I want _ China next year/A visitsB visitingC to visit( )3 Daming_ a Chinese dragon ki

2、te /A has gotB have gotC have get()4HaveyougotanystampsfromChina?_AYes/ I havenB No/t I have C No/ I havent()5 Please _ me/A write toB writeC writing to()6 Have you got a stamp from China _ a stampfrom Canada?I have got a stamp from China/第 1页共 5页A onBorC to()7I have got a kite /_I can t fly it /Aor

3、B andC but()8 What_ interesting DVD /AaB anC the()9The snake _frightened/A getB getsC getting()10 Do you like _books now ?A readB readsC reading三 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 (10 分)1Ilove_(take )photos/2It _(live)inatree/3I _ ( stop )along time ago/4( sheep) _likegrass/5Iam _(Daming )friend/四连词成句 (20 分 )1Does/ of

4、the why /snake /out /the /come /box (?)_2it a present is fantastic (/)_第 2页共 5页3Can t says/ hear/ it /snakes (/)_4Likesleepto winterin Bears(/)_5PlayingDooften youwith dolls ( ?)五情景交际( 10 分)( ) 1 我也想成为你的笔友,应 该 怎 么 说:AIwanttobeyourpen friend/BIwanttobeyourteacher/()2你有一本有关中国的书吗?/应该怎么说:AHaveyougotaboo

5、kabout the world?B HaveyougotabookaboutChina ?( )3 你有一封来自纽约的信,怎么说/A HehasgotaletterfromNewYork /B YouhavegotaletterfromNewYork /( )4我简直无法相信,你会说:AHedon t believeit/BIdon t believeit/( ) 5 蛇喜欢太阳,应该说:ASnakeslovethesun/第 3页共 5页BSnakesdon t likethesun/六 阅读短文,判断正( T)误 ( F)/(10 分)Dear SueHow are you ?I m g

6、ladto be your pen friend/ I have got a smallbedroom /In mybedroom /I have got a big bed/ and a teddybear /I have got a picture and a mirror( 镜子 ) on the wall/ I havegot a desk and a chair andsome flowers/I haven t got a TV / and I havengot a computer /Mybedroom is clean/FromAmy根据短文内容判断正(T)误( F)()1 TheletterisfromSue /()2 AmyandSuearepen friends/()3Amyhasgotabigbedroom /()4 Amyhasgotacomputer/()5 There isamirrorinAmy s bedroom/七选出问句和答语相对应的选项。(10 分)() 1 Didheoftentakephotos?() 2How many hours do pandas eat a day?第 4页共 5页() 3 Do you oftencleanyourroom?() 4 Doesyo

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