2013版初中英语全程复习方略课件八年级下册 Units 3、4
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1、八年级下册 Units 3、4/1/ strange(adj/ ) _(n/ )陌生人 2/ follow(v/ ) _(adj/ )下列的;下述的 3/ amaze(v/ ) _(adj/ )令人惊异的 _(adj/ )感到惊异的 4/ scare(v/ ) _(adj/ )恐惧的 5/ silent(adj/ ) _(n/ )寂静;沉默/stranger/following/amazing/amazed/scared/silence/6/ mean(v/ ) _(n/ )意思;含义 7/ fly(v/ ) _(n/ )航班;班机 8/ true(adj/ ) _(adv/ )真正地 _(n

2、/ )真实;*** 9/ luck(n/ ) _(adj/ )幸运的 _(adv/ )幸运地 10/ decide(v/ ) _(n/ )决定/ 决心 11/ danger(n/ ) _(adj/ )危险的 _(反义词n/ )安全/meaning/flight/truly/truth/lucky/luckily/decision/dangerous/safety/【品词自测】根据句意及首字母或汉语提示或所给词的适当形式填空 Stop arguing and listen to my _(decide)/ Could you tell me the Chinese _(mean) of this

3、word? We were _(luck) enough to get the ticket for the exciting game/ 答案:decision meaning lucky/The group WWF cares for wild animals in d_/ It is _ (奇怪的) that Tom didnt come to my party today/ 答案:danger strange/1/ 出去get _ 2/ 起飞take _ 3/ 逃跑;跑掉run _ 4/ 听说_ about 5/ 发生take _ 6/ 生某人的气be mad _ sb/ 7/ 传递p

4、ass _/out/off/away/hear/place/at/on/8/ 被期望或被要求 be _ to 9/ 在方面做得好 do well _ / / / 10/ 身体健康be in good _ 11/ come in _ 12/ as/ / / as_ 13/ first of all_/supposed/in/health/进来/像一样/首先/1/ 外星人出来时那个女孩正在购物。 The girl was shopping _ the alien got out/ 2/ 男孩在沿着街走路时,UFO降落了。 _ the boy _ _ down the street/ the UFO

5、 _/ 3/ 他说我很勤奋。 He _ I _ hard-working//when/While/was walking/landed/said/was/4/ 这学期我学习科学很吃力。 I _ _ _ _ _ _ science this semester/ 5/ 她真的很生我的气,并不想再做我最好的朋友了。 She _ really _ _ me and she _ want to be my best friend _/ 6/ 对此我***为力。 I _ _ _ _ that//had a really hard time with/got/mad at/didnt/anymore/cant

6、 do anything about/过去进行时 【见P156】/1/ happen v/ 发生 What happened while Linda was on the telephone? 琳达在通电话时发生了什么事? Do you know what _ him yesterday? An accident! Its the most serious one that I have ever heard of/ A/ happened B/ happens to C/ happened to D/ happens/昨天,我碰巧在街上遇到了我的一个朋友。 I _ _ _ a friend

7、of mine in the street yesterday/ When will your brothers wedding(婚礼) _? A/ happen B/ take place C/ happened D/ took place/【自主归纳】happen的用法 (1)sth/ happen(to/with) sb/ 某人发生了某事 (2)sb/ happen to do sth/ 某人碰巧做某事 (3)happen与take place的用法辨析: _指偶然发生,具有不可预测性,主语一般是某人/ 某 事; take place指事先计划好或预先布置而发生,指某个确定事件。 答案:

8、C happened to meet B/happen/2/ be supposed to 被期望或被要求 You are supposed to meet at the bus stop this morning to return it/ 今天上午,你应该在车站见面后把它交还的。 I think we are supposed to _ hard and make progress every day/ A/ work B/ working C/ works D/ worked The students are supposed to wear school uniforms when t

9、heyre at school/ (改为同义句) The students _ _ school uniforms when theyre at school//【自主归纳】be supposed to的用法 (1)be supposed to意为“被期望或被要求”,表示劝告、建议、义务等; (2)be supposed to do相当于should do/ 意为“认为/必须/应该做某事”/ (3)be supposed to do sth/ 的否定形式为:be not supposed to do sth/ 相当于shouldnt do sth/ ,意为“不应该/不能做某事”,表示命令和禁止

10、。/【判断抢答】判断下面句子翻译正误 你不应该把这些书拿出阅览室。 You are not supposed to taking the books out of the reading room/ ( ) You are not supposed to take the books out of the reading room/ ( ) 答案:A should wear/3/ The girl was shopping when the alien got out/ 女孩在购物,就在这时外星人出来了(外星人出来时女孩正在购物)。 While the girl was shopping/ t

11、he alien got out/ 女孩正在购物时外星人出来了。 (2011哈尔滨中考)I called you at 6 oclock yesterday evening/ but nobody answered/ Im sorry/ I _ my friend download the movie Kung Fu Panda when the telephone rang/ A/ would help B/ helped C/ was helping/He was still working on his project while other people _ a rest/ A/ we

12、re having B/ are having C/ will have D/ have/【自主归纳】when与 while的用法辨析/when/while/答案:C A/【判断抢答】判断下面句子翻译正误 当老师走进教室的时候,汤姆正在听收音机。 Tom was listening to the radio while the teacher came into the classroom/ ( ) Tom was listening to the radio when the teacher came into the classroom/ ( )/4/ I had a really har

13、d time with science this semester/ 这学期我学习科学很吃力。 I had a hard time in studying English/ (改为同义句) I had a hard time _ _/ 完成这项工作他们遇到了一些问题。 They had some problems _ the work//【自主归纳】have/ / / time 构成句型的用法 (1)have a hard time with sth/ 意为“做某事有困难”,其同义短 语为have a hard time(in)_ (do/ doing) sth/ (2)常见类似的句型还有:

14、a difficult time difficulty trouble problems 答案:with English finishing/doing/have with sth/ /(in)doing sth/// 词汇运用 1/ (2012烟台中考)Did you use to get _(紧张的) when you see the school report from your teacher? 2/ (2012兰州中考)You can not _ (想象) how knowledgeable the person is/ 3/ (2012宁波中考)John is _ (幸运的)eno

15、ugh to be chosen for swimming club/ 答案:1/ nervous 2/ imagine 3/ lucky/4/ (2012滨州中考)My teacher told me that light _ (travel) much faster than sound/ 5/ (2012滨州中考)Mr/ Green _ (watch) TV at this time last night/ 答案:4/ travels 5/ was watching// 单项选择 1/ (2012上海中考)Jenny told me that she _ an English Speec

16、h Contest the next month/ A/ takes part in B/ is taking part in C/ took part in D/ would take part in 【解析】选D。由间接引语中“the next month”可知,应用过去将来时。/2/ (2012济南中考)What were you doing at 7 yesterday evening/ Jim? I _ about Harry Potter with my mom/ A/ am talking B/ talk C/ was talking D/ talked 【解析】选C。句意:吉姆

17、,昨晚七点你在干什么?我在和我妈妈谈论哈利波特。根据问句,答语也用过去进行时。/3/ (2011梧州中考)I met a good friend of mine while I _ on the street/ A/ walks B/ walk C/ was walking D/ am walking 【解析】选C。while引导的从句,谓语动词用进行时,并且主句是一般过去时。故选C项。/4/ (2011资阳中考)Hurry up/ Mike/ You must get to the airport an hour before the plane _/ A/ gets off B/ turn

18、s off C/ takes off D/ puts off 【解析】选C。get off “下车”;turn off“关闭”;take off “起飞”;put off“推迟”。句意为“快点,迈克。 你必须在飞机起飞之前一个小时到达***”。故选C。/5/ (2011黔西南州中考)Lucy does better in drawing than her twin sister/ A/ is better for B/ is better at C/ is better to D/ is better in 【解析】选B。be good at相当于do well in。/6/ (2011佛山中考

19、)Most of the sandstorm in our country _ in spring from March to May/ A/ happen B/ happens C/ is happening 【解析】选B。根据句意用一般现在时。/7/ (2012天津中考)Can you tell me _? With Lucys help/ A/ when you did it so well B/ when did you do it so well C/ how you did it so well D/ how did you do it so well 【解析】选C。宾语从句要用陈

20、述语序。故排除B和D两项。由答语可知询问的是方式,故正确答案是C。/8/ (2012福州中考)Steve/ did you see the lantern show when you were in Fuzhou? Of course! _ beautiful lanterns! A/ What B/ How C/ What a 【解析】选A。考查感叹句的用法。此处感叹句的中心词是名词lanterns/ 引导词应该用what/ 并且由于lanterns是可数名词复数,因此不再用冠词a。故选A。/9/ (2011济南中考)What were you doing _ the UFO landed?

21、 I was shopping with mother/ A/ when B/ how C/ which D/ through 【解析】选A。由答语可知问句是时间状语从句,故用when当时候。/10/ (2011北海中考)Tom is really upset about losing the game/ but I think he will _ it soon/ A/ get on B/ get over C/ get back D/ get out 【解析】选B。句意:汤姆比赛失败后十分焦虑,但是我认为他很快就会克服的。get over克服。/【归纳总结】 get的词组小结 get ba

22、ck回来;返回 get over克服(困难等);从(疾病、失望、震惊等) 中恢复过来 get out离去;(消息等)泄露 get along过活;相处(with);进展/get into 进入 get off(从)下来 get on骑上(马、自行车等),登上(车、船、飞机等); 有进展 get rid of处理掉;摆脱 get up起***;起立// 句型转换 1/ (2012济南中考)“Are you going to watch the football match next Sunday? ”Father asked me/ (改写句子,句意不变) Father asked me _ I _

23、 going to watch the football match next Sunday/ 2/ (2012临沂中考)The teacher has told us how we should improve our speaking skills/ (改为简单句) The teacher has told us how _ _ our speaking skills/ 答案:1/ if/ was 2/ to improve/3/ (2012兰州中考)Was the machine invented by David? She wasnt sure/ (合并成一句话) She wasnt

24、sure _ the machine was invented by David/ 4/ (2011天水中考)I asked her/ “Will you have a picnic tomorrow? ”(改为间接引语) I asked her _ she _ have a picnic the next day/ 答案:3/ if 4/ if/ would/5/ (2011江津中考)Maria asked me to go to her birthday party yesterday/ (改为否定句) Maria _ _ me to go to her birthday party ye

25、sterday/ 答案:didnt ask/讨论过去某一时刻发生的事情和转述他人的话语有机的结合是历年许多地市中考考查频率较高的话题之一。在写作此类话题作文的过程中要特别注意:1/ 过去进行时和一般过去时的正确运用2/ 转述他人话语时,人称和时态的变化。谈论感想、注意正确的思想倾向。/【典题示例】 一天放学回家时,你的父母还没到家。然后,你便玩起电脑游戏。当你玩的正高兴时,你的父母回家了。以下列问题为线索,写一篇80词左右的短文。要求符合逻辑,情节合理。 提示:1/ When did you get home? 2/ What did you do first when you got home? 3/ What were you doing when your parents got

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