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1、 榆林八中学生自主学习导学案 班级 组号 姓名 科 目English 课 题Unit 2 How often do you exercise?Section B 1a2e授课时间设 计 人 宋坤 雷琴 贺艳梅 郑彩文 樊佳学案序号 7 学习目标1/熟记重点短语和句式。2/学会从听力和阅读材料中提取信息。重 难 点提高学生的听力水平和阅读能力。教师寄语Great minds think alike/ 英雄所见略同。【自主学习预习案】预习指导:认真阅读教材,完成下列内容/1读记单词表本单元P12-14的单词。2/ 翻译P13 2b的短文。 3/ 完成课本P12 1a和P14的内容。预习反馈:英汉互

2、译:垃圾食品 好习惯 使用因特网 去野营 ask sb about sth in their free time go online fifteen percent of the students 一周四到六次 the answer to the question such as 对来说是健康的 牛奶对我们的健康有好处。 Twenty percent do not exercise at all/ Most students use the Internet for fun not for study/ Game shows are the most popular/ 通过上网和看游戏节目来放

3、松是很不错的。 我认为放松的最好方式是运动。 Old habits die hard/ Start exercising before its too late/ 【合作学习探究案】任务一:小组合作完成课本P14 2c-2d的内容,并核对答案。任务二:通过阅读文章,总结出What habits are healthy and what are unhealthy?good habits/ bad habits/ 【过关检测过关案】一 一/单选1/ _ do you shop? Once a week/A/ How long B/ How many C/ How often D/ How soo

4、n2/Her mother _ milk every day/A/want her drink B/ wants her to drink C/ wants her drinking D/ want she to drink3/ He hardly talks in class/ _?A/does he B/doesnt he C/is he D/ isnt he4/ Pass my glasses to me /I can _ read the words in the newspaper/A/always B/ often C/ hardly D/really5/ Lily goes to

5、 a movie _ a month/ A/two time B/ one C/ first D/twice6/ There is no _ on the plate/ A/bread B/soups C/meats D/eggs7/ What do you think of the food? _/A/ Interesting/ B/Funny C/Difficult D/Not bad/8/ He hardly exercises/ so he is _/A/healthy B/unhealthy C/healthy D/unhealth二阅读理解Fruit is good for peo

6、ple/ Many people eat some fruit every day/ Mr and Mrs Green like fruit very much/ Every Monday Mrs Green goes to buy some fruit in the shop near her house/ The man in the shop knows her well and helps a lot/ She can buy all kinds of fruit there/ apples/ pears/ oranges and bananas/ In different time

7、of the year/ the price of each kind of fruit is not the same/ sometimes high/ sometimes low/ Mrs Green wants to buy cheap fruit/ But Mr Green likes bananas only/ She buys bananas for him every week/ She only buys cheap fruit for herself/( ) l/ When does Mrs Green go to buy some fruit?A/ On Saturday

8、B/ On Monday/ C/ On Thursday/ ( ) 2/ Where does Mrs Green buy fruit?A/ In the shop near her house/ B/ In the town/ C/ Near the shop( ) 3/ Mrs Green buys _for Mr Green/A/ pears B/ apples C/ bananas ( ) 4/ Which of following is NOT right?A/ Fruit is good for people/ B/ Mrs Green buys apples for hersel

9、fC/ Mrs Green can buy all kinds of fruit/ ( ) 5/ In different time of the year/ the price of each kind of fruit is_/A/ the same B/ not the same C/ high【课后作业】No sports/ no life/ Sports are very important(重要的) to us/ Sports help us to keep in good 1 and get good grades/ Everyone in our class 2 sports/

10、 Our favorite 3 is P/E/ We only have P/E/ 4 a week/ but we play sports every day/ The most popular sport in our class is basketball/ The boys enjoy 5 it/ and many of the 6 like it/ too/ Football(足球) is also popular/ When the weather is 7 / we often play football outside/ We 8 play volleyball/ We thi

11、nk it boring/ There is a basketball team in our class/ Our team often has matches(比赛) with other teams/ When there is a match/ many of us go to 9 it/ Its very 10 /( )1/ A/ health B/ idea C/ fashion D/ culture( )2/ A/ meets B/ loves C/ visits D/ dislikes( )3/ A/ food B/ drink C/ subject D/ fruit( )4/ A/ two B/ third C/ three D/ twice( )5/ A/ play B/ playing C/ played D/ plays( )6/ A/ students B/ brothers C/ girls D/ sisters( )7/

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