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教 案Unit 1 课型First periodTeachingtargetPractice this UnitimportanceHow to comprehend this passageTeaching aidChattingproceduresTeaching procedures教学方法及备注Leading inprocessUnit 1 Living wellWarming up& Pre-reading请大声朗读这两部分中含黑体字的短语或句子,并用这些黑体字词填空:1/ Blindness is a very serious _/ And people with blindness can be called _people/2/ He was just not _for the job/3/ The _of the cave was hidden by trees/4/ She has poor _/ so she can not see things clearly without her glasses/5/ The streets were as _as ever with people and cars going by/6/ The old mans _is poor/ so he needs a hearing aid7/ Her _was to become a film star/8/ He overtook the other runners on the last _/9/ The pupils wrote at(=according to) their teachers _/10/ Ive recently read an article - Is Organic Food More _to Health?Reading/ Martys storyI/ Read the passage quickly and write a summary (about 30 words)_II/ Paragraph comprehension and learning about language/Para/ 11/ 为什么我不能像其他人一样快速地跑动或爬楼梯?问/ _答/ _2/ 请用本段中黑体的字词填空1) The _boy bumped into the table/2) He always _ new circumstances easily/3) His brother is so shy while he is so _/4) She has a serious problem with her voice/ _/ she must give up singing/3/ 经典句子翻译:1) 不幸的是,医生不知如何让我有所好转。_2) 可惜的是,他明晚不在这儿。_Para/ 21/ 你曾经的梦想是什么?问/ _答/ _2/ 请用本段中黑体的字词填空1) Bacteria can only be seen with the aid of a _/2) The old man sitting on the park _ looked familiar/3) He _ the picture from the newspaper/3/ 经典句子翻译:1) 直到十岁,我和其他人还是一样的。_2) 很难知道将来会有什么事。_Para/ 31/ 我为什么比别人落后了?问/ _答/ _2/ 请用本段中黑体的字词或根据语法填空1) So sometimes some children in my primary school _ laugh/2) She never speaks ill of anyone in his or her _/3) Im _ (=_) after running up the stairs/3/ 经典句子翻译:1) 问题是我看起来和其他人没什么两样。_2) 每次缺课回来之后,我就觉得自己很笨。_Para/ 41/ 我养什么动物做宠物?问/ _答/ _2/ 请用本段中黑体的字词或根据语法填空1) My life became a lot _(easy) at high school/2) The few _ cannot see the real person inside my body do not make me _(annoy)/3) He remembered his _ traveller with pleasure/4) _ knowing some Russian,she speaks English very well5) _/ it was a failure/6) _ look after my pets properly takes a lot of time but I find _ worthwhile/7) He has set up a software _ of his own/8) Every apartment house has a water _ on its roof/3/ 经典句子翻译:1) 生活太忙了,我可没时间闲坐着顾影自怜。_2) 有个乞丐闲坐着,眼睛盯着树上的一只鸟(-ing作状语)。_3) 由于没有地方可去(with),他只好呆在家里上网。_Para/ 5语法填空并模仿朗读此段:_ many ways my disability has helped me grow stronger _ (psychology) and become more independent/ I have to work hard to live a normal life _ it has been worth it/ If I had a chance _ say one thing to healthy children/ _ would be this/ _(have) a disability does not mean your life is not satisfying/ So dont feel sorry _ the disabled or make fun _ them/ and dont ignore them either/ Just accept them _ who they are/ and give them _ (encourage) to live _ rich and full a life as you do/ Thank
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