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1、大学英语( 4)19 春夏学期 2019 智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案2019智慧树知到超星尔雅网课答案大全第 1 章 单元测试1 、We must hurry up with the construction work so that we can finish it before the _ season sets in/答案: rainy2、They made it clear that they would only exercise _ resistance in the event of a military takeover/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。3、Heilong

2、jiang is a(n) _ province in China/答案: northeastern4、Friedrich Nietzsche is my favorite _ philosopher/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。5、He has been _ from his desk for two months/答案:错6、She was taken to hospital suffering from a(n)_heartbeat/答案: did7、A _ diet may not provide enough calories for a child s normal gr

3、owth/答案: ST8、There is little doubt/ however/ that things will improve in the not too _ future/答案: is there9、_ to popular belief/ moderate exercise actually decreases your etite/答案:解:( 3分) ( 1分) ( 1分) ( 3分) ( 1分) ( 3分)满足要求。10、I ve noticed that he was a _ boy and tried to persuade him to change a litt

4、le bit/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。第 2 章 单元测试1、The police drew up a _ of wanted terrorists/答案: climax2、She gazed at the _ infant and smiled/答案: newborn3、Our managers an _ person and she never gets angry/答案: As a result of4、Our restaurant is famous for its _ /答案: As a result of5、The horses are eating grass on

5、 the _ /答案: grassland6、He cleaned out that _ as quick as a flash/答案: where7、He met an old _ at the party/答案: where8、I put a beautiful _ into his book/答案: A9、She is considered to be the most _ in the office/答案: did10、 Her untimely death at 25 made her parents _ /答案: heartbroken第 3 章 单元测试1、She is the

6、kind of man who I am going to marry/答案: who / that2、My mind was a complete _/ I could not think of a simple answer/答案: blank3、They are trained nutritionists who can give advice ondiets/答案: sound4、A few shots of this drug cleared up the disease for _/答案: good5、Active people are always on the _/答案:如果V

7、LAN100是用户 VLAN,则用户收到地址后***是10/1/100/1 ,掩码是 255/255/255/06、Language skills can be _ by constant practice and regular reinforcement/答案: focuses on7、City police said the suspect of the murder case was _ with a revolver/答案: superior to8、You must not peek while you are counting in such games as hide and _

8、/答案: invincible9、We can only try to hold to the ageold values of honesty/ decency and concern for others/答案: 1) a)/c)/g) 2) b)/h) 3) e) 4) d)/f)10、 He is due to _ a conference on human rights next week/答案: address第 4 章 单元测试1 、It s extremely I ll do well on this test/ I didn t study a thing/答案:爱情就像一只

9、蝴蝶,它喜欢飞到哪里,就把欢乐带到哪里2、Her fatherof her dating John/ He thinks John is a badinfluence/答案: Her driving license/3、I believe this information is / This cannot be true/答案: take the medicine4、I don t understand anything he says/ hes so/答案: to take5、This table is / I believe one of the legs is crooked/答案: u

10、p6、I m not sure if its/ Why don t you ask your lawyerfriend?答案: suspect7、I love Jane! Shes so fun and /答案: 218、Oh/ come on/ You must agree this is absolutely/答案: immoral9、When youre done using the computer make sure to it/答案: through10、I m absolutely sure it wasn t Kate/ She sof something like that/

11、答案: incapable第 5 章 单元测试1、He was a _ of literature and philosophy/答案: where2、I am a _/ and I teach in an American university/答案:我真的、真的、真的很抱歉。3、He was a brilliant _/ he was one of the inventers ofCalculus/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。4、Schindler/ Im a _ of slave labor/ I am a criminal/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。6、Tell

12、the _ that you are expecting a call from this client and to put them through/ 答案: what he likes7、A fellow _ once told me that if you are not writing every day/ then you are an amateur/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。8、I dreamed of becoming a _/答案: novelist9、If you like/ you can bring some fruit or sweets/ or/ es

13、pecially if there is a _/ some flowers/答案: hostess10、 Li Qingzhao was the greatest _ of China/答案: poetess第 6 章 单元测试1 、Two men were injured when a police was forced to make an emergency landing/答案: cater to2、Chinese green tea called Tieguanyin/ which costs $3/000 per _/ roximately $15 for a single cu

14、p/答案: kilo3、The _ reveals many distant stars to our sight/答案: continuously4、And many have a _ for shooting their own home movies/which are typically played on a TV set/答案:检索南华大学的马立恒或陈汉芳在中国临***医学影像杂志上发表的,题名或关键词包括膝关节或踝关节,或题名包括磁共振成像的文献。5、Tokyo wants to build a floating _ in the sea as an alternative to t

15、he airport/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。6、It also said terrorist activities should not be the first story in a _/答案: newscast7、These became popular during the 1980s when _ victims faced short life expectancies/答案:该问题答案暂未收录,请手动搜索。8、You will have enormous power if you are the person in the office who can write

16、a clear and concise _/答案: Working on a new project/9、He got up late and had coffee and a turkey sandwichfor /答案: brunch10、 Sallt K/ Ride joined _ in 1977/ who is the first American woman wearing the Stars and stripes into space/ 答案: NASA第 7 章 单元测试1、He _ that it must be a typing error/答案: where2、The

17、best way to _ the countryside is on foot/答案: restore3、They _ their retail operations during the 1980s/答案: ugly5、The Sahara Desert _ for miles/答案: extend6、 She _ from the competition after pulling a leg muscle/答案: did7、The factory _most of its workers with robots/答案:第一空:3/Working/ While working8、The

18、prime minister _ the suggestion that it was time for him to resign/答案: ethical9、The doctor ordered him to _ in bed for a few days/答案: climax10、 He managed to _ his dignity throughout theperformance/答案: retain第 8 章 单元测试1 、There were lots of kids in my _ when I was growing up/答案: busy2、Admitting youve made a mistake is a sign of / notweakness/答案:该问题答案暂

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