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第七节本节目标:l 祈使句l 积累句型&词汇一:祈使句表示命令、请求、建议或劝告的句子。其主语常省略,谓语动词用原形,句末用感叹号或句号,读降调。1/ 肯定的祈使句1)动词原形开头 如Peel the bananas2)Be + adj/ Be careful! Be quiet! 3)Lets + 动词原形 Lets go to school together/ 咱们一起上学去吧。 4)有时为了加强语气,可以在动词前面加上do,表示“务必”“一定”“确实” 如:I do finish the homework!2/ 否定的祈使句1) Dont + 动词原形 Dont stand up/ 别站起来。 Dont be late! 别迟到了! Dont let them play with fire/ 别让他们玩火。2)Lets ( let sb ) + not + 动词原形 Lets not say anything about it/ 对于这件事,咱们什么也别说。 Let them not play with fire/ 别让他们玩火。3/祈使句的反意疑问句1) 肯定祈使句的反意疑问句反问部分用will you 或wont you。 Please open the door/ will/ wont you? 请把门打开,好吗?2) 否定祈使句的反意疑问句反问部分只用will you。 Dont be late again/ will you? 别再迟到了,行不行?3) 以lets开头的祈使句反意疑问句反问部分用shall we。 Lets turn on the TV/ shall we? 我们把电视打开,好吗? 以let us 开头的祈使句的反意疑问句的反问部分应为will you或wont you/如:Let us stay here/ will/ wont you? 请(你)让我们留在这好吗?即学即练:1/_ cross the road until the traffic lights turn green/ A/ Not B/ Wont C/ Doesnt D/ Dont2/ Please help me carry it/ _? A/ will I B/ will you C/ shall I D/ shall we3/ Dont make so much noise/ _? A/ will you B/ wont you C/ shall we D/ do you4/ Kate/ _ your homework here tomorrow/ A/ bring B/ brings C/ to bring D/ bringing5/_ me the truth/ or Ill be angry/A/ Telling B/ To tell C/ Told D/ Tell6/ -Dont forget to give my best wishes to your uncle/- A/No/ I dont B/No/ I wont C/Yes/ I do D/Yes/ I would7/ Will you please read it again more slowly? (改为祈使句) _ _ again more slowly/ please/8/ Lets watch the sports games/ (改为反意疑问句) Lets watch the sports games/ _ _?9/ Please sit next to Nancy/ (改为否定句)_ _ next to Nancy/10/ Dont forget to turn off the lights/ please/ (改为反意疑问句) Dont forget to turn off the lights/ _ _?11/_ (not/ speak) with your mouth full of food and _ (be) polite/12/_ (look) out! A car is coming/二:看图填空1_ all the things we eat and drink/ water is the most important/ Not many people realize this/ but it is quite true/ The human body can live 2_ food for a long time/ but two or three days without water usually leads to(导致)death/ Many people do not understand how 3_ water the human body needs at work and many people do not drink 4_ ,especially in cold weather/ Most people drink enough only in 5_ weather/ Most people drink when they are 6_/ but we often need more water/ especially 7_ doing exercise/A mans body contains 65%-75% water/ Water is very important in several different 8_/ Most people need about five to seven liters(升)of water every day/ but we do not need to drink that amount(量)/ 9_ a lot of water comes from the food we eat/ If we do not have enough water/ however/ we 10_ tired and may become ill/三:完形填空All over the world people enjoy sports/ Sports help people to keep _36_/ happy and to live _ 37_/ People play different games in winter and summer/_ 38_ is good for swimming/ And in winter people often go skating/ Some sports are very _ 39_ and people everywhere like them/ For example/ football is very popular/ In China/ most people/ men/ _40_ boys and girls/ like to watch football games/ They often talk about them/ _41_ and jumping began long/ long ago/ But basketball and volleyball are rather _42_/ People began to play them not long ago/ And people are_ 43_ new sports or games all the time/ Water skiing is one of _44_/ People _45_ different countries may not be able to understand each other/ but after a game they often become friends/ ( )36/A/ health B/ busy C/ healthy D/ lazy( )37/A/ long B/ longer C/ happy D/ happily( )38/A/ Winter B/ Summer C/ Autumn D/ Spring( )39/A/ boring B/ difficult C/ expensive D/ interesting( )40/A/ woman B/ women C/ old D/ young( )41/A/ Run B/ Runs C/ Running D/ To run( )42/A/ new B/ interesting C/ popular D/ old( )43/A/ start B/ play C/ playing D/ starting( )44/A/ oldest B/ newest C/ The oldest D/ the newest( )45/A/ in B/ of C/ from D/at四:小小翻译家1/我们学校里仅有六个***。There are only six in our school/ 2/奥运会每四年举行一次。The Olympic Games are held / 3/王楠是世界上最优秀的运动员之一。 Wang Nan is
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