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1、Unit 1 Spring Is Coming一、按要求写出下列各词的相应形式。1/ sunrise(反义词) _ 2/ rise(过去式) _3/ become(过去式) _4/ babysit(现在分词) _5/ push(反义词) _ 6/ she(反身代词) _7/ swing(过去式) _ 8/ babysit(名词) _9/ cloud(形容词) _ 10/ build(名词) _11/through(同音词) _ 12/wont (完全形式) _二、根据汉语提示和首字母完成句子。1/ I dont like the_(天气) in England/2/ The scenery (

2、风景) in Chengde is _ (迷人的)3/ After school/ the schoolchildren often play games _ (在户外)/4/ I really dont like _( 照顾婴儿)/5/ The wind is blowing across field _(轻轻的)6/ Heres todays w report/ It will be snowy in the evening/7/ My watch has stopped/ It needs f_/8/ There are three bags of garbage/ I have a b

3、ig bag/ You have a little bag/ Your friend has a very little bag/ You have l garbage than me/ but your friend has the 1 garbage/9/ I m some old socks/10/ How many hours of d are there on March 21st?11/ A b is to babysit a baby/12/ Its hard to c the snow hill in winter/13/ Do you like c with your par

4、ents on Saturday?14/ The storm with 1 kept for one hour last night/15/ Its r cold today/ Please put on your coat/三、用所给单词的正确形式填空1/ Children have fun_ (run) about outside in spring/2/ How about (take)the dog for a walk in the park?3/ I dont like _ (be)a haby-sitter/4/ We like going bike _ (ride)on Sun

5、days/5/ I saw her _ (play) with a cat/6/ The teacher made me _ (keep) on reading the text7/ There are no clouds in the sky/ Its _(sun)/8/ Please stop_(climb)/ Its dangerous/10/The days are getting longer and _ (hot)四、单项填空( )1/ The boy sits between_/ A/ us B/ they C/ me D/ he and me( )2/ Spring comes

6、 _ summer/ A/ before B/ after C/ in D/ between( )3/ Dont the flowers in the garden/A/ see B/ take C/ pick D/ smell( )4/ Do you like a baby-sitter?A/ be B/ being C/ been D/ is( )5/ Thank you for _ me the money/A/ lend B/ to lend C/ lending D/ lends( )6/ What about soccer?A/ play B/ to play C/ plays D

7、/ playing( )7/ The girl a red sweater is duty today/A/ in/ on B/ in/ in C/ on/ in D/ on/ on( )8/ She went out _ a cold winter morning/A/ in B/ on C/ at D/ under( )9/ I dont like winter because its cold/A/ too much B/ much too C/ far more D/ much more( )10/-What was the weather like yesterday? -It ra

8、ined so _ that people could _ go out/A/ hardly/ hard B/ hardly/ hardly C/ hard /hardly D/ hard /hard( )11/ It kept _ for three days/A/ on raining B/ to rain C/ rained D/ rain( )12/-When can I go out to play football/ Mom? -Finish your homework first/ or I wont let you_A/ to go out B/ go out C/ going

9、 out D/ will go out( )13/ Its very cold here/ your sweater please/A/ Put away B/ Put on C/ Take off D/ Turn on( ) 14/ Lets go shopping / ?A/ will we B/ shall we C/ are we D/ will you( )15/ Mary has few friends/ ?A/ doesnt she B/ does Mary C/ does she D/ hasnt she( )16/ -He isnt a student/ is he?- /

10、Hes a teacher/A/ Yes/ he isnt B/ No/ he is C/ Yes/ he is D/ No/ he isnt( )17/ In spring the trees green/A/ turn B/ get C/ go D/ become( )18/ -Whats today? -Its October ! st/A/ date B/ day C/ the day D/ the date( )19/ the weather like?A/ What B/ Whats C/ How D/ Hows( )20/ The radio the rain will stop

11、 later/A/ speaks B/ says C/ tells D/ talks( )21/ ShijiaZhuang will be _ tomorrow/A/ rains B/ raining C/ rain D/ rainy( )22/ There _ a strong wind tonight/A/ will have B/ will be C/ is going to have D/ will is( ) 23/ we go to the park this Sunday?A/ Are B/ Do C/ Shall D/ Will( ) 24 /The boy hit me he

12、ad/A/ my B/ in my C/ on my D/ on the( ) 25/ -Shall we go and play football/ Paul? - _/ but I have to do my homework first/A/ Best wishes B/ Im afraid C/ Id love to D/ Not at all( ) 26/ Lets about the movie/A/ tell B/ talk C/ say D/ speak( ) 27/ Thanks helping me _my Chinese/A/ to/ in B/ to/ with C/

13、for/ in D/ for/ with( )28/ I can see some boys in the river/A/ swim B/ swimming C/ to swim D/ swimming五、句型转换1/ Hows the weather today?_ the weather _today?2/ I went to bed after I finished my homework last night/I to bed _ I finished my homework last night/3/ Its time to have class! Its time _ _ !4/ My father likes watching TV/ My mother likes watching TV/ too/My father likes watching TV/ _so_ _ _ _/5/She likes flying kit

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