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高三作文基础句型53个练习一 对比议论:1/我同意这个计划。I am the plan/2/ 首先,建工厂会给人们提供不同的工作。 ,the building of the factory will provide people with different jobs/3/ 其次,它可以省很多钱。 / it can save a lot of money/4/ 最后,它不会对环境有太大危害。 ,it wont do much harm to the environment/5/ 我反对这个计划。I dont agree the plan/(be against)6/ 总之,我们认为这不是个好计划。 ,we dont think it a good plan/7/ 在我看来,它不值得做。 that it is not worth doing /8/ 学生的观点不一致。Opinions are among the students/ Some think it is good / believe it is poor/二 图画图表说明:1这幅图画描述了我们的学校生活。This is a of our school life/ 2/有一个男孩站在那儿。There is a boy there/3/有一些学生在打篮球。 are playing basketball/4/百分之八十的学生喜欢校服。Eight percent like school uniforms/5/ 三分之一的学生住的离学校近。 of the students live near the school/6/ 一般多学生要花50分钟才能到学校。 of the students spend 50 minutes on the way to school/7/ 2008年,这个城市将会有三百万辆汽车。 There 3 million cars in the city in 2008/ 8/ 自从1990年以来汽车的数量翻了一番。 The number of cars has since 1990/三地方介绍1/ 学校的中央有一座教学楼。 There is a teaching building in of the school/2/楼的南边有一个游泳池。 A swimming pool the south of the building /3/楼的后面有许多树。There are many trees the building /4/楼的前边有一个小花园。 the building is a small garden/5/楼的对面是宿舍。 the building is a dorm/ 四人物介绍1/他被认为是最好的学生之一。He is as one of the best students/2/他闲暇时经常听音乐。He usually listens to music in time/3/他毕业于第八中学。He from No/8 Middle School/4/他曾获英语竞赛第一名。He once got the fist in the English competition/5/他友善并且随和。He is kind and easy- /五活动安排1/我们早上7点在校门口***。We will at thr school gate at seven in the morning /2/我们将参观那儿的工厂和学校。 We will visit the factories and schools /3/然后,我们将和当地的农民聊天。 After that / we will with the farmers there/4/我激动的哭了。I was so excited that came to my eyes/5/我们下午5点才能回到学校。We wont return to our school 5/00 p/m/6/我将全程陪同。I will be in your all the way/六叙述事件1/故事发生在伦敦。The story in London/2/起初,他没看见那个人。At /he didnt see the man /3/然后,他走到汽车那儿。Then he went to the bus/4/过了一会儿/他上了小汽车。After a little while /he on the car/5/后来,他掏出了***。Later on he took out his /6/最后,他被捕了。At /he was arrested/七通知与信件及其他 1/ 先生们,女士们,请注意!Ladies and gentlemen / please!2/我有重要的事告诉你们。I have importment to tell you /3/今天下午3点在图书馆有一个讲座。 We are going to a lecture in the library at 3/00 this afternoon/4/我写信时要告诉你一个好消息。 I am to tell you a piece of good news/ 5/希望早日收到你的回复。I am looking to your early reply/6/我特别地感谢你。I can never thank you /7/ 他还没回家呢。He is not yet/ 六篇必背范文1/ 对比议论类(05全国I)假设你是李华,最近国内一家英文报纸正在讨论北京动物园是否应迁出市区。Dear Editor / Recently /our class have had a heated discussion about whether Beijing Zoo should moved out of the city/ Some of my classmates are in favor of the move/ They say large crowds of tourists to the zoo will result in traffic jams/ They also say that once moved / animals will have more space and better living conditions in the suburbs/ However / other students are against the idea / saying that the Beijing Zoo / built in 1906/ has a history of 100 years / and is well known at home and abroad/ So it should remain where it is/ Whats more / moving may cause the death of some animals / To move or not /this is a big decision which has to be made by people in Beijing/ 2/ 图表类(04北京)某学校对中学生课余活动进行了调查。Chart 1 shows the daily average amount of time the students of the school spend on different after-class activities/ The students put the most time-93minutes into their homework/ and next in line is watching TV /which takes up 46 minutes/ They put in about the same amount of time listening to music and working on the computer / 34 minutes and 30 minutes each/ While 25 minutes is spent on sports /only 12 minutes goes into housework/ As is shown in Chart 2 / only 10% of the time is taken up with sports activities/ I think the school should encourage the students to do more exercise after class /This way / they may be healthier and more energetic/ 3/ 地点介绍(06全国I)假设你是李华,应英国朋友Bob 要求,写一封***介绍你校图书馆。Dear Bob/ Thank you for your last letter asking about our library/ Our library is in the center of the school /there is a beautiful garden in front of it and our classroom building is right behind it / The library is big / When you get inside /you will see many shelves full of books on different subjects /There are also lots of newspapers and magazines /We borrow books and do some reading in the library /According to the rule /every student can borrow up to 5 books each time and keep them for 10 days /It is open from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday and closed on weekends/ We all like our library very much / 4/ 人物类(06北京)假设你是王珊,请根据下列信息写一篇个人简介。I am WangShang / a girl of sixteen /presently attending Beijing Yangguang Middle School / I like music / especially classical music / I am also interested in photography because it allows me to record the beautiful moments in my life /Through my hobbies / Ive made many friends /In fact / I like meeting new people and enjoy talking with them / Believing we all need help from each other / I appreciate friends help and I am willing to help everyone in need / I love life / I love Mother Nature / and I love peace / I hate any form of violence / I would like to join the Peace &Friendship Summer Camp since it would be a great opportunity to make friends with young people from different countries and learn about their cultures/5/ 活动安排(05北京)到北京,住我家,参加学校活动。 Dear Jeff / Im Li Hua from Beijing Hongxing Middle School /Im very happy to learn that youre going to stay with my family while youre in Beijng/ While you are here /well provide you with a room of your own with a bed / a desk / a couple of chairs and a TV /Youll also have your own bathroom /Our school is quite to our home / so we could go to school together by bike /At noon well eat at the school dining hall /Im sure youll like the delicious Chinese food there /and enjoy talking with friends over lunch /Classes in our school usually finish at 4/00 in the afternoon /You can then join other students in playing ball games and swimming /Itll be a lot of fun / If you have any questions and requests / please let me know /Well try our best to make you stay here in Beijing a pleasant experience /6/ 夹叙夹议类(07年开放作文)小鸟飞走。 In this pict
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