高中英语 module 2 My New Teachers 课件 牛津译林版必修1
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1、/Module 2 My New Teachers/Welcome/PERIOD 1//INTRODUCTION/ SPEAKING, EVERYDAY ENGLISH/Brainstorming/Are they positive or negative? Put them into two boxes //amusing energetic funny intelligent kind lively nervous organized patient popular serious shy strict stupid/amusing /energetic/ intelligent / ki

2、nd / lively/ organized/ patient/ popular/ strict/funny serious/funny/ nervous/ serious/ shy /strict /stupid/Positive/Negative/Activity 1Description/Please use some adjectives above to describe the people you know/ especially the different characters of your family members or your classmates//Activit

3、y 2 Discussion/Tick the statements that you agree with/ Page 11 in the SB1/Activity 3 Listening/Activity 4 Speaking Describe your favorite teachers//Period 2/Reading and Vocabulary/Revision/Answer the following questions and share the answer with your partner/ 1/ Who was your favourite teacher in Ju

4、nior High? 2/ What adjectives will you use to describe your favourite teacher in Junior High? 3/ What adjectives will you use to describe the teacher you dont like in Junior High?/What are your first impressions of the three teachers? (pictures in the page12)/Read for some information/Mrs Li _ Mrs C

5、hen _ Mr Wu _/nervous /shy/kind /patient/smile/Strict/ doesnt smile much/ organised/popular/ energy/ good-looking/ talks loudly and fast/ amusing/Answer the following questions//1/Who is the most popular teacher? 2/Who is the kindest teacher ? 3/Which teacher are students most afraid of? 4/Which tea

6、chers explain things clearly?/Mr Wu/Mrs Li/Mrs Chen/Mrs Chen/Comparison/Read the text and get more detailed information//Discussion/Discuss the following questions / 1/Of the three teachers which one do you like best? Why? 2/Would you like Mrs/Chen to be your physics teacher? Why or why not? 3/Would

7、 you like Mr/ Wu to be your Chinese teacher? Why or why not?/Point out the important points and explain //1/She explains the grammar so clearly that even I can understand it/ 2/ He answered the question loudly so that the teacher could hear him clearly/ 3/ There are a few students in our class who keep coming to class late-/ 4/ I will do well in the exam with Mrs/ Chen teaching me/ 5/ Mr/Wu s only been teaching us for two weeks and hes already very popu

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