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1、初中定语从句 专项1/Sorry/ we dont have the coat _ you need/ A/ what B/ who C/ whom D/ which2/This is the dictionary _ Mum gave me for my birthday/ A/ which B/ what C/ whose D/ whom3/Do you know the man _ is sitting behind Nancy? A/ what B/ which C/ who D/ whom4/The book _ he bought yesterday is very interes

2、ting/ A/ / B/ why C/ when D/ what5/I have found some pictures of the most interesting places _ you can visit during the winter holidays/ A/ where B/ which C/ what D/ that6/ Id like to tell you about the table manners _ you should know when you visit Korea/ A/ which B/ who C/ what D/ how8/ Is oxygen

3、the only gas _ helps fire burn? A/ that B/ / C/ which D/ it 9/ Is _ some German friends visited last week? A/ this school B/ this the school C/ this school one D/ this school where 10/ -What kind of music do you like? -I like music _ has great lyrics/ A/ that B/ what C/ who D/ whose11/ That is the o

4、nly thing _ I bought from the supermarket/ A/ which B/ that C/ what D/ where12/ The place _ interested me most was the Childrens Palace/ A/ which B/ where C/ what D/ in which13/ The computer _ last week has gone wrong/ A/ which I bought it B/ I bought C/ what I bought D/ I bought it14/ That is the p

5、oor boy _ father died in a traffic accident last year/ A/ who B/ whom C/ whose D/ which15/ Do you know the girl _ is standing under the tree? A/ who B/ whom C/ which D/ where16/ Is the woman _ talked to our teacher yesterday your mother? A/ who B/ whom C/ which D/ what17/ The young lady _ we met yes

6、terday is our new maths teacher/ A/ what B/ whose C/ whom D/ which18/ I like to live in a house _ is big and bright/ A/ that B/ who C/ how D/ why19/ I hate people _ talk much but do little/ A/ whom B/ which C/ who D/ when20/ I am one of the boys _never late for school/ A/ that is B/ who are C/ who a

7、m D/ who is21/ Mr/ Green/ there is someone at the front desk _ would like to speak with you/ A/ he B/ who C/ which D/ whom22/ I love the small village _ I was born/ A/ that B/ which C/ where D/ whose23/ Here comes the girl _ handwriting is the best in our class/ A/ which B/ whose C/ that D/ who24/ M

8、y parents usually buy me some simple clothes _ can last a long time/ A/ who B/ that C/ whom D/ whose25/ -Is the girl _ is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? -Yes/ she is a journalist from CCTV/ A/ whom B/ which C/ who D/ whose26/ -Do you know everybody _ came to the party? -No/ I

9、dont know the one_ you had a long talk with near the door/ A/ who// B/ whose/ that C/ that/ which D/ // whom27/ The boy_ won the first prize is called Roy/ A/ when B/ whom C/ who D/ which28/Children like houses _ are painted in different colors/ A/ which B/ they C/ those D/ what29/Do you think most

10、students prefer tests _ have easy questions? A/ who B/ where C/ that D/ it30/ He is one of the experienced engineers in this factory _ hard work was repaid with the development of the factory/ A/ where B/ whose C/ in which D/ that用whowhomthatwhich填空。 1Those are the things _ I lost in the street yest

11、erday 2He is the person _ we often talk about 3They talked of things and persons _ they remembered 4They call it Christmas, _ comes from the name Christ 5They may go to their own library to look up any information _ they need 单项选择6People _ study earthquakes think that there will be no big earthquake

12、 here A/ who Bwhich Cwhom D 7The pancake _ my aunt cooks is delicious Athat Bwhich C DA,B or C 8The young man _ I had a talk with is a friend of mine Aand Band who Cthat Dwhich 找出错误并改正。 1Who is the man who has white hair?2Is this the book for which he was looking?3The village in that he lives is 20

13、kilometers away/4She talked of the man and cooks who and that interested her very much/5This is the first book which I have bought/6All which can be done has been done 7He was the only person which knows how to open the door/8The man to who you talked is a famous runner 9The girl whom is in Class Tw

14、o is Jims sister 10I still remember the day that I first came to Nanjing/从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择一个正确的选项,完成下列各句1The number of people lost homes reached as many as 250,000 Awhich Bwho Cwhom D不填 2This is the most beautiful park I have visited Awhich;ever Bthat;never Cwhich;yet Dthat;ever 3This is the most enjo

15、yable journey I have ever heard of A/ which B/ who C/ that D/ whom 4We are talking about Tony, you met yesterday Awhom Bwhich Cthat Dwith who 5Is this the very museum some Japanese visitors visited last Wednesday? Aone Bwhere Cthat Dwhich 6The place I grew up is a beautiful town Awhich Bthat Cwhere

16、Dfrom which 7This is the shop sells childrens clothing Awhere Bwho Cthe one Dwhich 8I dont think the number of people this happens is very large Awho Bto which Cthat Dto whom 9Do you know Mrs/ Jackson daughter is a famous poet? Athat her Bwhose Cwho Dof whom 10Do you remember one evening a week ago

17、_I came to your room and borrowed a dictionary? Abefore Bwhich Cwhen Das 单项选择/ 从题后所给四个选项中选择最佳答案填入空白处。1/ Mr/ Li is an English teacher _ loved playing soccer/A/ whoB/ whomC/ heD/ which2/ We called the man _ had promised to help us/A/ he B/ thatC/ whomD/ which3/ The coat _ he is wearing today was bough

18、t by his aunt/A/ whatB/ whereC/ who D/ that4/ The place _ he works is in the factory/A/ thatB/ whichC/ in whichD/ in where5/ Thats the most beautiful place _ I have ever _/A/ where/ visitedB/ that/ visitC/ where/ visitD/ that/ visited6/ I dont know the boy _/A/ whom you often talk B/ you often talk

19、withC/ with who you often talkD/ that you often talk7/ Look! The boy _ name is Simon is playing soccer with his friends/A/ whoB/ whoseC/ whichD/ whom8/ All _ they have done is good for us/A/ whatB/ whichC/ whyD/ that9/ I want to go to some places _ its cool in summer/ A/ thoseB/ whichC/ whereD/ this

20、10/ Saturday is the day _ people can have a rest/A/ thatB/ at whichC/ on whichD/ on that11/ She is new here/ there are no friends _ she can _ turn for help in the city/A/ whomB/ to whomC/ whichD/ to which12/ He is one of the boys _ basketball well/A/ whom playB/ whom playsC/ who playD/ who plays13/

21、The fence in our garden/ _ my father built many years ago/ has lasted for a long time/A/ thatB/ whichC/ whatD/ where14/ Ill remember the time _ we spent together in the country/A/ thatB/ whenC/ during whichD/ at which15/ I dont believe the reason _ he has given for his being late/A/ whyB/ thatC/ how

22、D/ what16/ There are two caps on the table/ _ belongs to Tom/A/ the smaller of whichB/ the small of which C/ the smaller of them D/ the small one17/ My brother had become a doctor/ _ was what he wanted to be/A/ whoB/ whatC/ that D/ which18/ There is a mountain _ the top is always covered with snow/A

23、/ whoseB/ of whichC/ itsD/ that19/ Is there a post office around _ I can get some stamps?A/ whichB/ whatC/ whereD/ that20/ He talked happily about the man and books _ interested him greatly in the school/A/ whichB/ thatC/ whoD/ when21/ There isnt a dictionary _ you can find everything/A/ thatB/ whic

24、hC/ wherD/ in that22/ He wanted to know the time _ he needed to know/A/ thatB/ whenC/ whereD/ what23/ Lucys pet cat died/ _ made her very sad/A/ as B/ whichC/ that D/ whose24/ This is one of the best films _ this year/A/ have been show B/ that have shownC/ that have been shown D/ which has been show

25、n25/ Is _ some foreigners visited last week?A/ this factoryB/ this the factoryC/ this factory oneD/ the factory where26/ Ill give you _ he gave me last week/A/ all whichB/ all whatC/ that allD/ all27/ Ill never forget the day _ I joined the army/A/ whereB/ whenC/ whyD/ that28/ That is the reason _ h

26、e didnt come to your birthday/A/ whyB/ thatC/ whichD/ when29/ The doctor _ we met at the gate works in the nearby hospital/A/ /B/ whoC/ whichD/ he30/ His book is not the only thing _ has been stolen/ A/ that B/ / C/ whicD/ who单项填空。1/ -Do you know the man _is talking with your father?-Yes, hes our headmaster/ A/ he B/ who C/ which D/ whom2/ Is this the river _I can swim?A/ which B/ in which C/ that D/ the one3/ This is the best hotel in the city _I know/A/ wh

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