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1、地勤面试英语自我介绍I was born in a small village of Shan Dong Province on April 4th/ 1968/ When I was young/ my family was very poor/ so I had to work to earn money to help my parents after class when I was in the middle school/In 1986 I was admitted by University ofInternational Business and Economics (or/

2、UIBE) to pursue a bachelor degree in Economics/ My major is accounting in Department of International Business Management/ The undergraduate education gave me a wide range of vision and taught me how to cooperate with others/ I developed several professional interests in Accounting/ Finance/ and Int

3、ernational Trade/The following eight-year working experience offered me a good chance to give full play to my creativity/ intelligence and diligence/ In 1990-1993/ I worked as an assistant to funding manager in China National Technical Import and Export Corporation/ In1993-present/ I was employed by

4、 China Kingdom Import and Export Corporation to be the Manger of Financial and Accounting Division/I do believe that with my hard early life/ solid educational background and ample working experience/ I would be an excellent student of you MBA program/MY PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT/After graduating from

5、 UIBE/ I was employed as the assistant to the funding manager by China National Technical Import and Export Corporation/ After reading a lot of related files/ and analyzing the overall funding situation of the corporation/ I found that the loanpolicy was not been put into effect/ So we have thousand

6、s of millions RMB loan with very high interest rate while a large amount of cash in bank with very low interest rate was idle/ I reported this to my supervisor/ and then we studied and revised the loan policy/ This revision saved the corporation approximately RMB thirty millions yuan/ In order to ra

7、ise the funding effectiveness/ after one year s hard work/ I developed the internal banking system within the corporation based on the actual funding supply and need of the different spanisions and projects/ This internal banking system made full use of the corporation funding resources/ and due to

8、this/ I was highly praised by the president of the corporation/WHY CHOOSE YOUR MBA PROGRAM?After I have worked in business area for eight years/ I feel that I need to continue my education by pursuing a Master degree in business administration/ I have practiced my professional expertise in accountin

9、g/ demonstrated my leadership abilities and perfected my communication skills/ But I have yet to become an entrepreneur in my own right/ and to fully master the art of modern business/ I want to be trained more vigorously in scientific methods of analysis and synthesis/ Thereare a lot of opportuniti

10、es and challenges in China that I do not yet fell fully confident to seize/ My business career has so far benefited mostly the companies that I worked for/ but a good business education in your university will probably become a new era for me/Your university is well known for its excellence in China s business education/ I am sure that/ with my extensi

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