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1、非延续性动词与延续性动词的转换 非延续性动词延续性动词例句 come/go be at /in I came to China two years ago/I have been in China for two days/ arrive/reach be at/ in He arrived here yesterday/He has been here for two days/ borrow keepShe borrowed the book last Sunday/She has kept the book since last Sunday/ buy have Tom bought h

2、is guitar last week/Tom has had his guitar for two weeks/ die be dead He died in 1990/He has been dead for 20 years/ join be in The boy joined the army in 1998/The boy has been in the army since 1998/ leave be away(from+地点)My sister left home last month/My sister has been away for two months/ begin/

3、start be onThe film began ten minutes ago/The film has been on for ten minutes/ marry be marriedShe married a rich man two years ago/They have been married for two years/ openbe openThe shop opened last week/The shop has been open for two weeks/closebe closedThe shop closed last week/The shop has be

4、en closed for two weeks选择填空: 1/ When he arrived at the bus stop/ the bus _ for 20 minutes/ A/ has left B/ had left C/ has been away D/ had been away 2/ I _ the League for 5 years so far/ A/ joined B/ have joined C/ have been in 3/ The factory _ since the February of 1988/ A / has been open B/ has op

5、ened C/ was open D/ opened 4/ Mary and Rose _friends since they met in 2000/ A/ have made B/ have been C/ made D/ have become 5/You mustnt _ until he comes back/ A/ be away B/ leave C/ be left 6/The meeting _ for a week now/ A/ has finished B/ has ended C/ has been over 7/Miss Gao _ this school for

6、nearly 5 years/ A/ has been in B/ has come to C/ has taught 8/Ben _ a teacher for 4 years / A/ has been B/ has become C/ was D/ became 9/ I _ home for a week/ A/ have returned B/ have been back C/ returned 10/ How long _ he _ ? A/ died B/ has/ died C/ has/ been dead 11/ He _ at eight yesterday after

7、noon/ A/ slept B/ was sleeping C/ has sleep D/ had slept 12/He _ the car for a week/ A/ bought B/ has bought C/ has had 13/-How long _ you _ ill ? -Two weeks/ A/ did fall B/ have/ fell C/ have/ been 14/Since 2000/ he _ his hometown/ A/ has left B/ has moved away C/ has been away from 15/Ill lend you

8、 the book / but you can only _ it for 2 days/ A/ borrow B/ keep C/ take 16/The bus _ on the road for 2 hours so far/ A/ has stopped B/ stopped C/ has been 17/Are you _ the jacket these days? A/ wearing B/ putting on C/ dressing D/ on 18/He _ for 2 hours/ A/ got up B/ has got up C/ has been up 19/ To

9、m is ill in hospital/ He _ a cold for several days/ A/ is B/ catches C/ has caught D/ has had 20/- How long can I _ the book? - Two weeks/ A/ borrow B/ lend C/ get D/ keep 21/How long has this shop _ ?A be open B been open C opened D been opened 22/His mother _ the Party last year/She_ a party member for a year/A/

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