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1、vampire/Vampires are legendary传说的 creatures said to live by feeding on the life essence本质 of living creatures/ usually by drinking their blood/ Although they typically代表性的 described as undead/ some minor 少数的 traditions believed in vampires that were living people/ In other words/ vampires are the cr

2、eatures that feed on with blood//Whats a vampire?/In 1611/the court case诉讼案 of Bathory is the ture one of bloodsucking吸血动物的 in the history/Bathory lived in the castle of Hungary匈牙利 mountainous area多山地区/In order to keep youthful青春的/she drunk young girls flesh blood/Bathory had been arrested逮捕 when he

3、r crimes罪行 was found/And she was dead in 1614/ 1611年巴托里爵夫人诉讼案是历史上真实的嗜血案件。巴托里爵夫人居住在匈牙利山区的赛伊特城堡中,专门饮用少女的鲜血,以保持惊人的美丽与青春。1610年案发后被拘禁,直到1614年死去。/One of the famous vampires/Long and sharp canines (犬齿) No shadow Can change into bats Perched place:grave and coffin(坟墓和棺材) Special abilities Cant go into a hou

4、se without the hosts or living peoples invitation//The vampires features特色/Stake木桩(wooden stick) Fear害怕 of the sun Decapitation 斩首 Holy symbols 神圣的标志:cross Fear of fire Fear of a plant named “vervain”马鞭草 Garlic(大蒜) /Weaknesses弱点/BRIEF HISTOYR/Cain created the second generation代 of vampires which hav

5、e 13 laters as the third generation/The 13 members founded their own clans氏族 and held strong powers/ Thousands of years later/the vampires have increased to 15th-16th genration/And a series系列 of works about vampires have come out such as novels and movies/ 该隐创造了第二代吸血鬼,他们有13个后代,第三代建立了13个大氏族,他们拥有强大的力量

6、/数千年后的今日/吸血鬼的血脉已经延伸到 第1516代/现在一系列 与吸血鬼有关的文化也 随之兴起,如小说、电影等。/Dracula 惊情四百年 The Twilight Saga 暮光之城 1/ Twilight 暮色 2/ New Moon 新月 3/ Eclipse 月食 4/ Breaking Dawn 破晓 Let the Right one in 生人勿近 The Vampires Assistant 吸血鬼助手 Interview with the Vampire 夜访吸血鬼 The Queen of the Damned 被诅咒的女王 Pandora 潘多拉 The Vampire Armand 吸血鬼阿蒙 Vittorio the Vampire 吸血鬼维多利奥 Merrick 梅瑞克 Blood and Gold 血和黄金/Films/Novels/天鹅光源 天鹅/闪耀 银色十字梦 奇妙糖果屋 荆棘天

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