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Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came? 一、教学目标: 1/ 语言知识目标: 能运用过去时态描写过去发生的事情 能听懂有关过去发生事件,能简单描写过去发后的事件 能过学习本课,培养学生在困境中互帮互助的品质 2/ 情感态度价值观目标: 培养学生在困境中互帮互助的品质 二、教学重点: 过去进行时。三、教学难点: when/ while引导的时间状语从句中的过去时和过去进行时四、教学方法: Task-based and communicative teaching methods/ 五、授课时间:4/184/22 六、课时安排:4课时 七、教学过程:1-Section A 1 (1a-2d)Step 1 Warming up Yesterday/ there was a rainstorm/ Where were they when the rainstorm came? Here are some reports/For example/ A/ Where were you when the rainstorm came? B/ I was in the library/ A/ What were you doing when the rainstorm came?B/ I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop/ 1a Where were the people at the time of the rainstorm? Match the statements with the people in the picture/ 1/ _ I was in the library/ 2/ _ I was in my house/ 3/_ I was on the street/4/_ I was at the bus stop/ Step 2 Listening:What were they doing when the rainstorm came? Lets listen/ Pay attention to “was/were +doing” 1b Listen to the TV report and circle the correct response/ a/ doing my homework / studying b/ playing basketball / reading c/ going to work / waiting for the bus d/ walking home / shopping Step 3 Speaking Look at the pictures and answer the questions by using “was/were + doing” For example/ A/ What was the boy doing at the time of the rainstorm?B/ He _/ Pair work/ 1c Talk about what the people in 1a were doing at the time of the rainstorm/ Step 4 Listening 2a Listen and number the pictures 1-5/ 2b Listen again/ Fill in the blanks in the sentences in 2a/ Step 5 Speaking 2c Use the information in 2a to retell the story in a conversation between the boy and a TV reporter/ 2d Role play the conversation/ Step 6 Language points 1/ My alarm didnt go off so I woke up late/e/g/ What time shall I set the alarm for? 我该把闹钟拨到几点钟响? 2/ I was waiting for the bus when it began to rain heavily/ 1) begin v/ (began) 开始 e/g/ Ill begin whenever youre ready/ 你什么时候准备好我就开始。 常用的句型: begin to do与begin doing 一般来说,begin to do和begin doing可以互换,但在以下三种情况下, 用to do。 I/ 主语不是指人,而是it等。 如:It began to rain/ II/ begin后接表示心理活动的词。如:begin to know还有believe/ wonder/ think 等词。 III/ begin本身是ing形式,为避免重复后接to do。 即:beginning to do 2) heavily adv/ 在很大程度上;大量地 e/g/ moving heavily 吃力地移动Step 7 Speaking Make a survey/ Ask your partners in your group what they were doing at the following time/ Fill in the form then give a report/ Time Names doing Yesterday 7/00 Tom reading Peter shoppingYesterday 8/00 Tom walking Peter Yesterday 9/00 Step 8 Exercise 根据上下文内容填空。 Mary/ What _ you doing last night/ Linda? I called at seven and you didnt pick _/Linda/ Oh/ I was in the kitchen helping my mom/ Mary/ I see/ I called _ at 8 and you didnt _ then either/ Linda/ What was I doing at 8? Oh/ I know/ When you called/ I was _ a shower/ Mary/ But then I called again at 9/ Linda/ Oh/ I _ sleeping at that time/ Mary/ So early? Thats strange/ Linda/ Yeah/ I was tired/ Why _ you call so many times? Mary/ I needed help with my homework/ So while you were _/ I called Jenny and she helped meStep 9 Homework 1/ Remember the words and phrases in this lesson/ 2/ Finish the exercises in the workbook/ 板书设计:
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