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1、新标准英语三年级起点第二册教案Module 8 Seasons and WeatherUnit 2 It s hot and sunny today/Step 1 Warmer1/ Greetings2/ Get four large pieces of paper/ Write one season/ i/e/ spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter/ on each piece of paper/ Place the piece of paper around the classroom/3/ Suggested words and expression_r_rs a

2、re cool/ hot/ warm/ cold/ Happy Spring Festival/ Happy Christmas/Step 2 New Teaching一、Listen and point1/ Look at the pictures/ Ask questions in Chinese e/g/ W hat can Lingling see in Picture1? What is Sam doing in Picture2?2/ Now hold up my book and point to the different pictures/ Have the students

3、 name the seasons/3/ Get the students to dose their books/ play the tape/4/ Open the students books playapetheagaint and have the students point to the relevant pictures/5/ Teach the new vocabulary/ Mime looking up at the sky and then hurriedly putting up an umbrella/ Say “ It rainings/ Get” the stu

4、dents to repeat the sentence/6/Teach the nouns rain and snow/二、Point and say1/S1/ Cpoints to a picture 1) It s warm today but it s raining/S2/ It s spring/2/ Do some examples with the class/三、Act it out1/ Have the students read the example dialogue/2/Now draw two columns on the board/ label the columns summerrespectively/and winter3/ Divide the class into groups of three or four and have them continue the activity/Step 3 Consolidation1/ Listen and say/ then sing2/ Listen/ repeat and trace the letters/ Step 4 The end1/ Use the Activity Book2/ Game

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