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1、(精华)小学五年级英语儿歌Who?s your teacher?Whosyour English teacher at school?Whosyour English teacher at school?Is she pretty or tall or short?Tell me what you know!Whosyour Chinese teacher at school?Whosyour Chinese teacher at school?Is he funny or young or old?Tell me what you know!Days of the weekMonday/ T

2、uesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/Saturday/ Sunday/Days for school and days for fun/ Happy days foreveryone!What would you like to eat today?What would you like to eat today? Eat today? Eattoday?What would you like to eat today? Something sweet toeat/1What can you do?What can you do? What can you

3、do?I can sing English songs/Can you sing songs/ too?I can do kung fu/ I can do kung fu/I can dance and draw cartoons/Can you draw cartoons/ too?A photo of meBeside the big plant/What can you see?Above the big clock/There as photo of me/Beside the big plant/What can you see?Between the two windows/There as photo of me/In a natu

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