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1、四年级英语上册期中检测试题四、听音, 出你所听到的句子。听力部分()1/A/Have you got fast food in England?一听音, 出你所听到的 或短 。B/ Have you got chopsticks in China?()1/AthirteenB fourteenCfifteen()2/A/Shes playing chess/ B/ Hes reading books()2/A/ has gotB/ haveC/ have got()3/A/Its down the hill/B/ Its near the houses/()3/Atalk toB turnle

2、ftCturn right()4/A/Do you want some noodles ? B/ Do you want fruits?()4/Awatch TVB read a bookClisten to music()5/A/Im listeningto music/ B/Lingling is taking pictures()5/Awrite a letterBtake picturesCplay with toys五、 听音,判断。与 音内容相符的打“” ,不相符的打“”。二听音, 号。 根据 音 下列 片 上序号,用1、2、3 出来。10+7=?()()()()()()()()(

3、)()六、听音,排序。根据 音内容 句子重新排序用1、2、3表示。()Where is train 4?()She is talking to her friends/第1页共 3页()Go straight on/ then turn left/()Have you got chopsticks in England?()Do you want some vegetables?读写部分一书法秀,看看谁的书法最漂亮。1/ Have you got an elephant?2/ Wheres No/2 West Lake Road /please?3/ Shes writing a letter

4、/4/ They are rowing a dragon boat/5/ Im making dumplings/二选出不同类的单词。() 1/ A thirteenB fourteen C listen() 2/A peopleB purpleC pink() 3/A cakeB takeC talk() 4/ A doingB playC running() 5/ A brotherB sisterC friend三火眼金睛做选择。()1/She is talking _ her father/A/ toB/ atCfor()2/Tom is listening _ music/A/ on

5、B/ toCfor()3/Hes playingtoy train/A/ toB/ atC with()4/I like/A/ swimB/ swimingCswimming()5/I liveNo/2 Park Street/A/ toB/ atCfor()6/Its nexta supermarket/A/ inB/ atC/to()7/Do you wantrice?A/ aB/fewC/some()8/Hesnoodles/A/ makeB/ making Cmakeing()9/He cantfast/第2页共 3页A/haveB/ runsCrun()10/Look/Tom/fast food /A/ ChinaB/ ChineseCChinase四手牵手,找朋友。()1/Have you got a tiger?A/ Im playing football/()2/Where is train 1?B/ They are playing chess/()What are you doing?C/ Yes/ please/()What are they doing?D/ No/ I havent/()Do you want some rice?F/

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