英语人教版八年级下册Unit5 SectionA1a--1c
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Unit 5 What ware you doing when the rainstom came? SectionA(1a-1c)P33 赵营一中 玉晓君一/学习目标/1/ 会读记词汇rainstorm /at the time of 2/ 初步了解过去进行时的含义及基本结构:waswere +V-ing3/ 会灵活运用下列对话模式进行问答 :-What waswere 主语doing when the rainstorm came ?-主语 waswere +V-ing二教学重点:1/理解过去进行时并掌握其基本结构。2/掌握下列句型:What were you doing when the rainstorm came ?I was reading in the library/What was the girl doing at the time of the rainstorm?She was doing her homework/三 教学过程:Step1/ Present the Learning aims/Step2/Present pre-learning and check the answers and finish 1a(p33) (完成后朗读下列短语,达到会读、会写)汉译英/1暴风雨-2/在图书馆-3/在公共汽车站-4/等待-5去上班-6/在/的时候-Step3/Leading into the new lesson/1/ Present a picture (展示课件)Teacher/ What weather can you see in the picture ?Student/ A rainstorm /Teacher/ when did it happen ?Student /At 3/00 pm last Sunday/Teacher/What was the man doing when the rainstorm came?Students/ He was walking on the street/Step4/ Learn the diaiogs “What was were doing when the rainstorm came ? -was were +V-ing+”further by watching the pictures/(展示课件)Step5/ Work in pairs to practice “what wee you doing when the rainstorm came?I was +V-ing”Step6/ Listening to 1b and finish it /(首先朗读,明白各个短语意思,为听力做好铺垫)Step7/ Practice 1c in pairs/(展示课件)Model/ A/ What was the girl doing at the time of the rainstorm ? B/ She was当堂练习 用所给词的适当形式填空:1/I (read)at 3/00 last Sunday2/Tom (do)homework this time yesterday/3/They (wait)for the bus at the bus stop when I saw her/ 4/We (shop)in the market when the rainstorm came/做练习找规律,根据上面的句子我发现:过去进行
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